Date: November 12, 2021
Location: Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks, Chris Jericho

It’s the go home show for Full Gear but we still might get some changes, or at least a hard sell, for the show. Dynamite did that very well this week but maybe a bit more could make it even better. I’m not sure what to expect here, though Matt Hardy vs. Orange Cassidy in a lumberjack match is certainly a thing. Let’s get to it.

Jungle Boy vs. Bobby Fish

Jungle takes him down to start but Fish is right back with a pull off the ropes to bang up Jungle’s arm. Back in and Jungle chops away, only to be knocked outside with the arm being banged up again. A posting gets Jungle out of trouble but Fish takes him down again as we take a break.

We come back with Fish staying on the arm but he charges into an overhead suplex into the corner. Jungle grabs a waistlock until he is sent shoulder first into the buckle. Fish grabs his own suplex for his own two in a very near fall. Somehow Jungle is able to pull him into a one armed Snare Trap for the tap at 10:18.

Result: Jungle Boy b. Bobby Fish – Snare Trap (10:18)

Post match Adam Cole runs in for the double beatdown. The Conchairto is loaded up but Christian Cage and Luchasaurus run in for the save. Cole bails and it’s a Killswitch to Fish.

Video on Bryan Danielson vs. Miro in the #1 contenders match tomorrow night.

The Superkliq is bragging about tomorrow night when Hangman Page comes in. Adam Cole gets in his face but Page wants to talk to the Bucks. Page has something he has needed to say for a long time: he’s sorry for what he did to them for a long time. He cost them a Tag Team Title shot but they cost him a World Title shot. That makes him think they’re even, so if they get involved on Saturday, he’ll kill them.

Jade Cargill vs. Santana Garrett

This is Cargill’s one year anniversary and there is a cake for her at ringside. Red Velvet, who will face Cargill in the TBS Title tournament, is here too. Cargill starts fast and knocks Garrett outside, setting up a ram into the barricade. Velvet has to be held back as they head inside. Jaded finishes Garrett at 2:01.

Result: Jade Cargill b. Santana Garrett – Jaded (2:01)

Post match Velvet spears Cargill down and shoves the cake into Mark Sterling’s face. Cargill and Velvet brawl until referees break it up.

Video on Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk at Full Gear. Punk says he sees similarities between them but Kingston won’t put in the work and will come up short, as always. If Punk has to hurt Kingston to teach him a lesson, so be it.

Dante Martin vs. Ariya Daivari

They’re both hometown boys. Martin starts fast and spins around into a headscissors but Daivari breaks up a springboard. A springboard legdrop knocks Martin out of the ropes and a knee to the ribs cuts him off again. Martin is back with a sunset flip for two, followed by an enziguri to put them both down. Daivari knocks Martin down again and hits a frog splash for his own near fall. That’s too much for Martin, who sends him outside for a big springboard dive. Back in and the double springboard moonsault press finishes Daivari at 5:37.

Result: Dante Martin b. Ariya Daivari – Double springboard moonsault press (5:37)

Post match Team Taz comes in to the ring, with Ricky Starks (at commentary) offers Martin a spot. Starks tells him to read it over and they’ll be waiting. Martin doesn’t say yes or no.

Full Gear rundown.

Video on Tay Conti vs. Britt Baker, with the talking heads split.

Mark Henry gives us the face to face interview for the main event between Matt Hardy and Orange Cassidy. They don’t like each other.

Matt Hardy vs. Orange Cassidy

Lumberjack match and Cassidy has bad ribs coming in. The bell rings and Hardy offers $23,000 to anyone who can take Cassidy out. The bad lumberjacks get in an immediate fight with the good ones, leaving Cassidy to jump Hardy. Cassidy wins the brawl but has to escape a Twist of Fate attempt. Hardy sends him outside, where Butcher gets in a few cheap shots to put Cassidy in trouble.

We take a break and come back with the Best Friends flipping onto a bunch of lumberjacks. Cassidy adds his own dive and Hardy is sent outside. The Best Friends give Cassidy the assist for a flip dive onto the lumberjacks, setting up a high crossbody for two on Hardy back inside. Some of the lumberjacks come in for a brawl but get cleared out, leaving Cassidy to hit the Beach Break. More lumberjacks come in and a brass knuckles shot knocks Cassidy silly, allowing Hardy to steal the pin (after dropping an elbow which was at least six inches away from Cassidy) at 10:28.

Result: Matt Hardy b. Orange Cassidy – Brass knuckles to the head (10:28)

Post match the Hardy Family Office cleans house with the brass knuckles and stands tall to end the show.

Jungle Boy b. Bobby Fish – Snare Trap
Jade Cargill b. Santana Garrett – Jaded
Dante Martin b. Ariya Daivari – Double springboard moonsault press
Matt Hardy b. Orange Cassidy – Brass knuckles to the head

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