Date: August 22, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz

It’s a special Saturday edition of the show and as luck would have it, the only time that the show could air this week was opposite the first hour of Takeover. With that coincidence out of the way, it’s a big night with the finals of the Women’s Tag Team Tournament and we get a sitdown interview with Orange Cassidy. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

FTR vs. Private Party

Tully Blanchard is here with FTR. Dash Harwood hiptossed Marq Quen to start and everything breaks down in a hurry for not quite stereo dropkicks from Private Party. We settle down to Cash Wheeler offering a distraction so Harwood can rake Quen’s eyes to take over. It’s off to Kassidy anyway and a top rope ax handle hits Harwood’s arm. Some quick double teaming takes Harwood down to give Quen two and we hit the hammerlock.

Harwood bails to the floor for a second and it’s a Wheeler distraction to set up a double clothesline to take Quen down. Choking ensues behind the referee’s back, followed by some old school eye raking across the top rope ala Arn Anderson. The chinlock goes on but Quen fights up and we go to an overhead camera shot. Wheeler comes back in for two off a powerbomb and another chinlock goes on.

Quen fights up and sends both of them to the floor, allowing the hot tag off to Kassidy. A blind tag brings Quen back in for two off a springboard crossbody plus a small package for the same. Wheeler hits a spinebuster for two more and everyone is down again. Kassidy’s slingshot dive to the floor misses thanks to a Tully save, leaving Quen to go shoulder near to the post. The Goodnight Express is good for the pin at 12:51.

Result: FTR b. Private Party – Goodnight Express to Quen (12:51)

Jon Moxley likes to let his actions do the talking. MJF thinks he’s the future but Moxley would be one to disagree. Moxley wants the company to succeed for the next twenty five years and since he won’t be here that long, he needs MJF to move out of his basement. On September 5, MJF is going to take one heck of a beating and then get dumped on top of his head. MJF better be ready.

MJF, in a neckbrace and using a walker (which matches the scarf of course), says he hopes Moxley knows his actions have consequences. He hopes that he can have kids some day and wants to hear “Pa-pa, can we have a game of catch? But now he might be too injured to allow that to happen. MJF’s lawyer takes over to talk about the Paradigm Shift, also known as the double arm DDT, being so dangerous. If MJF is injured, who is next? Wardlow? Gum Guy? They have put a petition online to get the Paradigm Shift, also known as the double arm DDT, banned, and FIVE MILLION people have signed. That’s why they have a contract ready to ban it and if Moxley doesn’t sign it, they’ll sue.

Lucha Bros/Butcher and Blade vs. Natural Nightmares/Jurassic Express

The brawl is on before the introductions until Marshall hits a handspring forearm to Blade. Marshall has to flip out of a double belly to back suplex and the hot tag brings in Dustin to clean house. Dustin gets taken to the floor though and the beating is on. Back in and Pentagon starts working on Dustin’s leg before handing it off to Fenix for more of the same.

We take a break and come back with Luchasaurus coming in off the hot tag and cleaning house, including a bad chokeslam to Pentagon. The standing moonsault gets two as everything breaks down. The Sling Blade connects for Pentagon but he gets caught in Jungle Boy’s tornado DDT. Jungle Boy gets backdropped into a piledriver from Pentagon but Blade goes up top instead of Fenix. Pentagon shoves Blade…right into a rollup to give Boy the pin at 9:42.

Result: Natural Nightmares/Jurassic Express b. Lucha Bros/Butcher and Blade – Rollup to Blade (9:42)

Post match the losers argue a lot but here’s Eddie Kingston to ask why they’re fighting. TNT knows drama so why is there drama here? After that good line, he says that if the four of them follow him, they can have anything they want. The five of them hug and Eddie winks at the camera.

We go to the gym with Britt Baker talking about how awesome she is but Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are physically expressing their affections with each other. Baker calls them off because that’s a way to exchange germs and offers free dental care for a year if they’ll help get rid of Big Swole. Oh and Reba will do her makeup for a year. Ford says deal.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and brings out Orange Cassidy for an interview. The Best Friends are here too because they’re on every single show in the history of ever. Tony talks about it being the biggest win of Cassidy’s career but here’s Chris Jericho to interrupt. Jericho congratulates Cassidy on his win because it doesn’t happen around here very often. That means Cassidy is learning, because now he knows what it takes to be a main eventer around here. Jericho wants to offer him a toast but there is one more thing. They’re even in their two matches so they need to do it again.

Jericho invented a match involving a ladder and a briefcase so they need to do something else: the Mimosa Mayhem Match. We see a video explaining the rules: there will be an eighty gallon tub of orange juice mixed with A Little Bit Of The Bubbly at ringside and you win by pinfall, submission, or throwing your opponent in. Back in the arena, Cassidy gives him a thumbs up for All Out. Jericho is pleased and still wants to toast Cassidy, but not alone. Cue the Inner Circle to surround the ring and Jericho says get them. The beating is on and Cassidy is held upside down with Jericho pouring champagne over his face.

Kenny Omega/Young Bucks vs. Dark Order

It’s Alan Angels/John Silver/Alex Reynolds for the Order here. Nick and Angels (I think, as the Order are all in masks) start things off and Matt comes in for the early double teaming. The Bucks shrug off a triple teaming and Omega comes in to show them how it’s properly done. The Order is sent outside until it’s Omega chopping away at Reynolds. Omega is sent outside for a stomp to a chair to his chest and Reynolds hits a suicide dive. Back in and Omega gets beaten down in the corner as we take a break.

We come back with Nick in and cleaning house, including a Backstabber out of the corner to Reynolds. It’s Reynolds getting caught in the corner, including a bulldog/dropkick combination. Omega misses a charge in the corner though and it’s the Order starting with the running corner elbows. Reynolds’ powerbomb to Omega is broken up and it’s time to unleash the snapdragons.

The Meltzer Driver is broken up though and the Order hits back to back Tombstones on the Bucks. Angels comes in with a top rope double stomp for two on Matt with Omega diving in for the save. Angels’ moonsault is superkicked out of the air and Nick hits a moonsault onto the other two. A launch into the Indytaker into the One Winged Angel finishes Angels at 11:17.

Result: Kenny Omega/Young Bucks b. Dark Order – One Winged Angel to Angels (11:17)

Post match Omega grabs a chair and loads up a powerbomb to send Angels through it, with the Bucks having to break it up.

FTR and Tully Blanchard like the idea of a #1 contenders gauntlet match next week. Tully says it’s time to prove that they are the best and they’ll go through everyone to get there. Hangman Page comes in to share drinks and they seem to be cool with the idea of coming after the titles once they win the gauntlet match. Page and Omega have beaten everyone, but not FTR. Things seem to be all cool.

Darby Allin vs. Will Hobbs

Allin jumps him during the entrance and dropkicks him outside. The dive takes Hobbs out again but he says ring the bell anyway. Allin can’t whip him in so Hobbs hits a heck of a backdrop. Hobbs pulls him out of the corner for two before yelling a lot. That takes a little too long and Allin hits a headbutt to the ribs. The Coffin Drop finishes Hobbs at 2:46.

Result: Darby Allin b. Will Hobbs – Coffin Drop (2:46)

Post match Taz laughs at Darby and introduces the newest member of Team Taz. His name is Darby also, and it’s…..Ricky Starks in Darby face paint. Starks talks about how no one likes him while he only likes skateboards. He also likes shredding someone’s back with thumb tacks because life is a joke. Ha ha ha. Cue Brian cage from behind to hit Allin with the FTW Title.

We come back with Matt Hardy unloading on Sammy Guevara (who had been out with his signs about Matt) with a chair. Sammy is thrown off the stage and through the table. Matt isn’t done and grabs the same kind of chair that busted him open a few weeks back but referees won’t let him throw it.

NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, with the title, is coming for Hikaru Shida so she can make the women’s division mean something. She wants a shot at Shida at All Out and nothing else.

Women’s Tag Team Tournament Finals: Nightmare Sisters vs. Diamante/Ivelisse

Veda Scott joins commentary for the four person booth. The Natural Nightmares are here, with Dustin keeping track of Brandi’s action figures. Ivelisse strikes away at Brandi, including kicking out her knee for a kick to the chest. Diamante comes in to kick her down as well but it’s quickly off to Allie for a forearm in the corner.

We take a break and come back with Allie putting Diamante on top but Diamante comes back with a quick suplex to get a breather. The double tag brings in Allie for the reverse DDT but Ivelisse make the save as everything breaks down. Allie is caught in a double team but QT Marshall offers a distraction. He gets knocked off the apron and Brandi is dropped onto him, leaving Allie to be snapmared into a kick to the head for the pin and the tournament at 9:34.

Rating: C-. And that’s the tournament, thank goodness. This was one of the worse things that AEW has done so far and thank goodness it didn’t go on longer. They didn’t have the personnel and it wasn’t exactly interesting as a big trailer for Brandi and Heels. The final could have been worse, but the whole thing felt like such a horrible waste of time. Either get better with the talent or don’t do this again. Keep Veda though, as she was great on commentary.

Post match Madusa comes out to present the trophy. That doesn’t involve saying anything, but the winners get some medals too.

TNT Title: Brodie Lee vs. Cody

Cody is defending and has Arn Anderson in his corner. Brodie starts fast with a dropkick and Cody is sent outside, meaning it’s a hard whip into the barricade. Back in and the smiling Lee drops him again for two. A powerbomb sets up the discus lariat….and Lee wins the title at 3:06. Cody got in no significant offense.

Rating: D+. This was a complete squash and my eyes bugged out on the pin. That’s a good way to send in a shock and I didn’t see it coming. This was in the Brock Lesnar squashes John Cena mold, albeit the shorter form. It wasn’t a good match, but it was a big shock and that’s a positive thing here.

Post match the Dark Order comes in to celebrate as Lee says he told us so. Cody is taken out on a stretcher. He does the big thumbs up….and Lee sends the Dark Order after Arn. Anderson slugs away but gets knocked down, allowing Lee to turn the stretcher over. Dustin Rhodes runs out and gets laid out as well. Lee hits Cody in the head with a rolled up bag and poses over him. Cue Brandi to stand over Cody but Anna Jay chokes her out. Lee calls her off and poses with the title to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. The wrestling wasn’t as good here but the ending angle and title change were quite good. They moved some things forward here and All Out is starting to come together. They don’t have a lot of time left before the pay per view and hopefully now they can hammer things down and blow it out of the water again. Good show here, and things are looking bright down the road.

FTR b. Private Party – Goodnight Express to Quen
Jurassic Express/Natural Nightmares b. Lucha Bros/Butcher and Blade – Rollup to Pentagon
Kenny Omega/Young Bucks b. Dark Order – One Winged Angel to Angels
Diamante/Ivelisse b. Nightmare Sisters – Kick to Allie’s head
Brodie Lee b. Cody – Discus lariat

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