Date: November 18, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross

We’re on the way to the December 2 showdown with World Champion Jon Moxley defending against Kenny Omega but we have a few weeks to go before we get there. Tonight we have a contract signing, but we also have the Young Bucks facing Top Flight in a match that seems designed to be a squash. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Young Bucks vs. Top Flight

Non-title and Top Flight is Darius/Dante Martin. Before the match we get a video on Top Flight talking about growing up and being influenced by the Bucks and the Motor City Machine Guns. They’re young, but if they can beat the Bucks then they know they can make it. Darius trades kicks with Matt to start and it’s off to Dante for a big dropkick. A slingshot hilo hits Matt and the Bucks bail to the floor, allowing Top Flight to tease some dives but moonsault back in.

Back in and the Bucks start hitting their kicks to take over. A slingshot dropkick through the ropes puts Darius down and there’s a dropkick/bulldog combination to drop Dante. The Sharpshooter has Dante in trouble until Darius makes the save. Nick ties Darius in the ropes so Dante can buckle bomb Dante into him for a crash. There’s a Backstabber to pull Darius out of the corner but Dante is back with a headscissors. The hot tag brings in Darius for some clotheslines and a standing Spanish Fly gets two.

Nick grabs a waistlock on Darius, who grabs Dante, who jumps over both of them to show off a bit. A running hurricanrana out of the corner gets two on Matt, who pops right back up with a spear to Dante. Nick kicks Darius in the face in the floor and it’s a powerbomb/Sliced Bread combination for two with Darius making the save. Darius gets sent outside in a help, leaving Dante to get superkicked. The BTE Trigger finishes Dante at 9:01.

Result: Young Bucks b. BTE Trigger to Dante (9:01)

Post match the Hybrid 2 runs in to jump Top Flight until the Bucks make the save.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

And now, the Inner Circle is in Las Vegas. First up is a Blacjjack table, where Sammy Guevara doesn’t quite know the rules. MJF wins at Craps but Ortiz isn’t interested in celebrating, mainly because Santana and Sammy lose their money. They like the dancing girls a bit more but then it’s off to the bar, where MJF and Chris Jericho get back into their Can You Top This game of harder drinks. They finally go with Everclear alcohol and shout “SON OF A B****” at the same time.

It’s time to take this to the next level, so here’s Konnan to take them into a limo. A lot of smoke comes out said limo when they open the doors and Konnan sees a dragon. As in a person in a dragon costume but close enough. It’s back to a bar, where Wardlow and Jake Hager take turns showcasing their abilities to beat up various patrons. To be continued.

We see the History of Revolution video from Director X, talking about the first year of the company and how far they have come. Now imagine what they are going to do in the second year.

Jon Moxley talks about how it all makes sense now. After everything that has taken him here, he finally understands what got him here: his dad. His father was 6’3, 250lbs and would smack you upside your head if you did wrong. One day his dad picked him up from the police station and told him what they were the good guys. That has always stuck with him, even now that he’s banged up with a pregnant wife at home (there’s some breaking news) and he’s a champion on two continents. He’s still going though and no matter what, he’s the good guy and he’ll do his father proud.

Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy

Miro is on commentary and Penelope Ford is at ringside. Cassidy puts on his elbow pad and loads up the pockets but Sabian goes after the arms. An armbar goes on so Cassidy tries to put one hand in his pocket, which earns him a takedown. Cassidy’s headscissors is blocked as well and it’s back to working on the arm. The hands in the pockets block a drop toehold and Cassidy dropkicks him down into a nip up. There’s a hands in the pockets backdrop to the floor and a suicide dive takes Sabian down again. Ford offers a distraction though and Sabian hits a fireman’s carry gutbuster for two.

Back from a break with Cassidy getting in his own shot and hitting a high crossbody. There’s the spinning DDT for two but Cassidy’s diving DDT is countered. Cassidy sends him into the corner though and now the diving DDT connects for two. Sabian blocks a suplex though and hits a brainbuster, followed by something like a Falcon Arrow for two. The hanging swinging neckbreaker is countered into a small package for two from Cassidy and it’s the Mouse Trap to pin Sabian at 10:57.

Result: Orange Cassidy b. Kip Sabian – Mouse Trap (10:57)

Post match here’s Miro to kick Cassidy in the face but the Best Friends run out for the save.

It’s time for the contract signing for Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley for December 2. Omega’s entrance is now focused on everything Moxley is NOT. Hold on though as we cut to the back where Moxley is out with his nose bleeding. The doctor says to stabilize his neck but Omega says he isn’t buying this again. Last time it was an elbow and now this, so he signed the contract with Moxley still out.

It’s back to Vegas, where the Inner Circle, including Elvis, seems to be drunk. Elvis joins them in a Little Bit Of The Bubbly but MJF wants to talk about being part of a wolfpack. Sammy is ready to cut his hand to become a blood brother but everyone else stops him. It’s a full moon so they all howl….and then wake up in a hotel. Elvis and Jericho are next to each other, MJF is in the bathtub and Sammy is in a fountain. He and MJF yell at each other, with MJF having a bunch of things like SAMMY WUZ HERE written on his face.

Sammy goes over to find what appears to be three wedding photos (with three different women) from the night before, plus Ortiz in a BRIDE shirt. Jericho and Santana go into another room and find Swoggle in a diaper.

Chris Jericho, with a heck of a headache, joins commentary.

Pac vs. Blade

Eddie Kingston has already replaced Jericho on commentary. Pac kicks Blade down to start and takes it outside for a whip into the barricade. Back in and the missile dropkick has Blade in more trouble but a Bunny distraction lets Butcher get in a cheap shot. Blade sends him into the barricade and hits a chop, followed by a hard drop onto the top rope. Pac tries a slingshot DDT, though it’s more a slingshot armbar takedown instead. Bunny grabs Pac’s foot though and Butcher gets in another shot, setting up the Doctor Bomb for two on Pac.

We take a break and come back with Pac getting the better of a slugout. A superkick into a powerslam gives Blade two but Pac is right back with a top rope superplex for the same. Pac goes up top so Bunny offers a distraction, allowing Butcher to come in….and get superkicked down. The shooting star into the Brutalizer makes Blade tap at 11:22.

Result: Pac b. Blade – Brutalize (11:22)

Post match Pac grabs the mic to yell at Eddie Kingston but Butcher jumps him from behind and the beatdown is on. Rey Fenix comes in for the failed save but here’s Penta with a chair…..to chase off Kingston (though he didn’t swing). Either way, the Death Triangle seems to be back together.

We go to the back where Jade Cargill has Pillmanized Brandi’s arm with Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero running interference for her.

NWA Women’s Title: Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb

Deeb is defending after taking the title from Rosa about three weeks ago. Rosa takes her to the mat in a hammerlock but gets reversed into an armtrap rollup for two. Back up and Deeb hits some uppercuts but gets armdragged down. A running backsplash gives Rosa two and the running crotch attack to the back of the head has Deeb down again. Rosa takes too much time going to the apron though and gets her leg twisted around the middle rope.

We take a break and come back with Rosa hitting a running dropkick in the corner into a suplex for two. Rosa gets caught on the apron though and Deeb hits a spear on said apron for two. Rosa goes up top for a missile dropkick but here’s Rebel for a distraction, allowing Britt Baker to hit a fisherman’s neckbreaker on the ramp.

Deeb hits a heck of a powerbomb for two and they go into a pinfall reversal sequence. That earns Rosa a Rings of Saturn with the legs but the Serenity Lock is countered. Back up and the slug it out until Rosa hits kind of a reverse World’s Strongest Slam (with Deeb over her back and going face first down) for two. Deeb fights up again and hits something like a Neutralizer with the arms pinned back (the Swiss Special) to retain at 13:35.

Result: Serena Deeb b. Thunder Rosa – Swiss Special (13:35)

Post match Rosa pulls Baker over the barricade and the fight is on until referees break it up.

John Silver hypes up Anna Jay’s Women’s Title match next week because she has come a long way since she was a rookie. Jay says she is going to reintroduce herself next week and take the Women’s Title from Hikaru Shida.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Team Taz vs. Cody Rhodes/Darby Allin

Taz is on commentary and Arn Anderson is at ringside. Allin front facelocks Starks to start but gets slammed down for his efforts. The grappling continues with Starks getting him into a hammerlock on the mat. Allin can’t hit the high angle springboard armdrag but he can get a hammerlock of his own. Starks goes to the ropes so Allin slaps him in the face for a knockdown. Even Taz has to admit that was a good shot as it’s off to Cody vs. Cage.

Cody gets the better of things in a hury and knocks Cage into the corner, wetting up the top rope moonsault press for two. That’s enough to get Taz to head to ringside and we take a break. Back with Anderson having been ejected due to some interference and Starks pulling Allin off the apron to break up a tag attempt. Cage hits a German suplex and hands it back to Starks to stomp away in the corner. Cody finally gets in a shot of his own and the hot tag brings in Allin to clean house.

Everything breaks down and Cody hits the Disaster Kick to knock Cage down on the apron. Starks spears him down but gets dropkicked into the corner by Allin. Cage is back in for a powerbomb on Allin but a Code Red gives Allin two of his own. Cody hits Stars with Cross Rhodes and Cage blasts Allin with a discus lariat. Something like an Angle Slam puts Cody down, leaving Cage and Allin to fight on the ropes. That lets Cage hit a super Drill Claw to finish Allin at 11:15.

Result: Team Taz b. Cody Rhodes/Darby Allin – Super Drill Claw to Allin (11:15)

Post match the beating stays on Cody until Will Hobbs makes the save. Hobbs holds up the FTW Title….and knocks Cody out with it to join the team to end the show.

Young Bucks b. Top Flight – BTE Trigger to Dante
Orange Cassidy b. Kip Sabian – Mouse Trap
Pac b. Blade – Brutalizer
Serena Deeb b. Thunder Rosa – Swiss Special
Team Taz b. Cody Rhodes/Darby Allin – Super Drill Claw to Allin

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