Date: July 1, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

It’s a big night around here as we have arrived at the first night of Fyter Fest. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be seeing a pair of big shows for free, which is always one of the best taglines that you can offer. The headliner this week is Cody defending the TNT Title against Jake Hager, which could be interesting. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Chris Jericho joins commentary in a Canada jacket.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman/Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy

Marko Stunt is here with the Express. Before the match, MJF talks about how lame the Jurassic Express really is, mainly because he’s beaten Jungle Boy so many times. We’re in a ratings war and the only person who can save AEW is MJF. It’s a brawl to start with MJF being sent to the apron but catching Boy in a reverse Alabama Slam. Before he throws Boy down though he hands it off to Wardlow for a powerslam on the floor.

Back in and the beating continues, with Wardlow and MJF getting in a few shots each. MJF has to dive onto Boy to cut off a tag attempt, so Boy hits an overhead belly to belly. That’s still not enough for the hot tag as Wardlow comes in for a belly to back suplex, nearly dropping Boy in the process. Boy slips out of a double belly to back suplex though and rolls over to make the hot tag to Luchasaurus.

Some kicks to Wardlow’s head put the monster down but Wardlow comes back with a suplex slam. Luchasaurus gets over for a tag to Boy, who sends MJF outside. Three straight dives take MJF down but it’s Wardlow sending Boy over the barricade. Luchasaurus hits a huge flip dive (Jericho: “He just turned from Godzilla into Mothra!”), followed by the Extinction Level Event to MJF back inside. Wardlow makes the save and Luchasaurus powerbombs MJF, who bounces up for a superkick to Luchasaurus.

Everyone is down until they all nip up for a four way standoff. Marko tries to dive at Wardlow, who pulls him out of the air and tosses him onto Boy. Back in and MJF low blows Luchasaurus for two before accidentally hitting Wardlow with the diamond ring (after asking if Wardlow can do anything right). The Tail Whip into a kick to the head sets up a springboard twisting tornado DDT to plant Wardlow again. A chokeslam into a standing moonsault finally finishes Wardlow at 11:02.

Result: Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy b. Wardlow/Maxwell Jacob Friedman – Standing moonsault to Wardlow (11:02)

Next week:….a puppy battle royal?

Video on Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford for Shida’s Women’s Title.

Women’s Title: Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford

Ford is challenging and has Kip Sabian in her corner. Scratch that actually as Sabian gets in an argument with the referee before the match and is ejected before the bell. Shida starts fast and tries the Falcon Arrow but Ford slips out and gets two off a sunset flip. They go outside with Ford being dropped onto the apron for a knee to the face. Back in and Ford sends her face first into the turnbuckle a few times before snapping off a German suplex for two as we take a break.

Back with Shida fighting out of a camel clutch but getting caught in a reverse DDT for two. Shida fights up to win a slap of until Ford is back with a pump kick to put her down. That just earns Ford a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker for two, with JR saying Ford has grit. Jericho: “I’M SICK OF THAT WORD!!!” Shida’s Falcon Arrow connects but Ford reverses into a rollup for two of her own. Shida hits a running knee to the face for two and goes up for a missile dropkick, with Ford Matrishing backwards to avoid any contact.

Ford goes outside to pick up the title belt, so here’s Sabian with a kendo stick. Shida takes it away and knocks him outside, allowing Ford to come back in with a Lethal Injection for two. The moonsault misses though and Shida hits some running knees, setting up the Falcon Arrow for a very close two. Another running knee finally pins Ford at 11:21.

Result: Hikaru Shida b. Penelope Ford – Running knee (11:21)

Taz breaks down the Paradigm Shift, showing that Jon Moxley won’t be able to use it on Brian Cage because Cage is too muscular.

TNT Title: Jake Hager vs. Cody

Cody, in a shirt inspired by the Great American Bash logo, has Arn Anderson in his corner while Hager’s wife Catalina is here. Hager powers him down to start and easily blocks a big boot. Cody’s headlock doesn’t last long as Hager takes him into the corner to hammer away. The ankle lock is broken up so Anderson yells at Hager for a distraction.

Cody runs the corner for a big dive out to the floor (JR: “You’ve got to believe the Arn Anderson distraction was structured. Jericho: “OF COURSE IT IS!”). Back in and Cody starts cranking on the leg before switching to a Figure Four. Hager makes the rope so Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster. A second attempt is countered into a powerslam though and they’re both down. Hager goes after Anderson on the floor and snaps off a German suplex to Cody as we take a break.

Back with Hager hammering away but going after Anderson again, allowing Cody to post him. They head back in and the Cody Cutter gives Cody two but Hager is right back with a Vader Bomb for his own two. Cody’s reverse DDT gets two, as does Hager’s belly to belly superplex. The ankle lock goes on and Cody gets the rope, allowing Carolina to slap Cody in the face. Anderson offers a distraction but here’s Dustin Rhodes to deck Hager. The Cross Rhodes is countered into a Rock Bottom and the head and arm choke but Cody reverses into a rollup to retain at 12:13.

Result: Cody b. Jake Hager – Rollup (12:13)

Post match Hager thinks he won and punches the referee to blow off steam.

Darby Allin isn’t cleared to wrestle, so he skateboards a lot.

Orange Cassidy comes out to put his feet up on the commentary table.

Private Party vs. Santana/Ortiz

Matt Hardy is here with Private Party. Santana sticks his chin out so Kassidy can get in a right hand but it’s a dropkick to the floor instead. Marq Quen comes in and plays Matt Hardy for Kassidy’s Poetry In Motion to take both of them out. Back in and Quen’s middle rope moonsault gets two but Ortiz gets in a cheap shot to take over.

A seated Octopus goes on, with Jericho and JR ripping into Excalibur for his proper name and accusing him of making the name up. Back from a break with Quen fighting out of an abdominal stretch and bringing Kassidy back in to clean house. Kassidy sends them both outside for a corkscrew dive, with commentary giving Excalibur more jabs about the name.

Back in and Private Party is knocked off the top, setting up a super sitout powerbomb. A reverse powerbomb sends Quen face first into the buckle and it’s a double belly to back faceplant for two with Kassidy making the save. The Street Sweeper is loaded up but Quen grabs Santana’s headband for the break. Kassidy’s Sling Blade into a backbreaker sets up Gin N Juice for the pin on Santana at 10:47. Ortiz’s very, very last second save just missed.

Result: Private Party b. Santana/Ortiz – Gin N Juice to Santana (10:47)

Post match Jericho is livid at Orange Cassidy and throws a cup of water on him. Wrestlers come out to separate them with Jericho screaming over and over.

Kenny Omega and Hangman Page are ready to defend their Tag Team Titles against the Best Friends. Page knows the Best Friends deserve a shot but that word goes away when the bell rings. Omega says they’ll win.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

What won’t be coming next week is Jon Moxley defending against Brian Cage, which has been moved to Fight For The Fallen on July 15.

Taz and Brian Cage come out and say they’re not annoyed about the delay. Moxley is going to be tested whenever he gets in the ring with Cage. The only thing Moxley has a case of is the chickens****. Cage is winning the title.

Tag Team Titles: Kenny Omega/Hangman Page vs. Best Friends

The Best Friends are challenging and are driven to the ring by Trent’s mom in a minivan. Chuck takes Omega down to start with some armdrags and it’s an early standoff. Page and Trent come in to collide and forearm it out before it’s back to Chuck for a suplex. Page gets in his own suplex to drop Chuck onto Trent and hands it back to Omega for the Kitaro Crusher. Cue FTR with a cooler to join commentary and we take a break.

Back with Trent being sent hard into the corner but managing to get over to Chuck for the hot tag. The big flip dive takes out both champs and Trent suicide dives Omega. Trent isn’t done as he sends Omega into Page against the barricade with Omega getting the worse of it. Back in and Page hits a fall away slam on Trent, followed by a dive onto Chuck. A heck of a lariat drops Trent and Omega is back in to add a fisherman’s buster for two. Everything stays broken down with the Champs sending both of them into the corner.

A wheelbarrow suplex drops Chuck and it’s Omega’s running knee for two on Trent. The Last Call misses and Omega is pulled to the floor, setting up Strong Zero for two as Omega dives back in for the save. Chuck seems to kill Omega with the Awful Waffle but let’s stop for a hug. Page is up to deck Chuck and it’s a pair of discus forearms to Trent. The sunset driver is blocked but Trent grabs a cradle for two on Page. The Deadeye gives Page two and he has finally had it, meaning it’s the Buckshot Lariat to finish Trent at 15:08.

Result: Kenny Omega/Hangman Page b. Best Friends – Buckshot lariat to Trent (15:08)

Post match FTR comes in to give the champs beer, but Omega pours his out. The Young Bucks have to come in to break things up to end the show.

Luchasaurus/Jungle Boy b. Wardlow/Maxwell Jacob Friedman – Standing moonsault
Hikaru Shida b. Penelope Ford – Running knee
Cody b. Jake Hager – Rollup
Private Party b. Santana/Ortiz – Gin N Juice to Santana
Kenny Omega/Hangman Page b. Best Friends – Buckshot lariat to Trent

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