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Date: September 8, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz

For reasons I don’t quite fathom, this is the third episode of Dark in eight days because we needed a special one before All Out and then the regular shows as well. At least tonight’s show along with Friday’s were a little shorter than usual, but we’ve got squashification waiting for us so let’s get to it.

Taz and Excalibur give us the rapid fire intro.

Sean Legacy vs. Will Hobbs

Hobbs starts fast with a running shoulder before lifting Legacy up by the wrist for some arm cranking. Legacy’s crossbody is knocked out of the air with ease and a release gordbuster knocks him silly again. An Oklahoma Stampede finishes Legacy at 2:59.

Result: Will Hobbs b. Sean Legacy – Oklahoma Stampede (2:59)

Tony Donati vs. Brian Cage

Non-title. Cage hits a release German suplex in the first five seconds and then does the curls into the fall away slam. Donati gets in a few shots to the face but it’s a superplex into a powerbomb. Weapon X finishes Donati at 1:43.

Result: Brian Cage b. Tony Donati – Weapon X (1:43)

Griff Garrison vs. Angelico

Taz starts with a story about buying tights and they fight over wrist control. Angelico armdrags him down and poses like a cocky heel should but Garrison grabs a rollup for two. A discus lariat drops Angelico again but he pulls Garrison face first into the middle turnbuckle. Angelico is back with a crazy looking….uh….reverse seated half nelson with the legs? That’s broken up in a hurry and Angelico gets a boot up in the corner to stop a charge. Angelico has had it with this though and pulls him down into a spinning leg crank for the tap at 5:50.

Result: Angelico b. Griff Garrison – Reverse inverted Figure Four (5:50)

Anna Jay vs. Skyler Moore

Anna sends her into the corner to start but Moore takes her down into a rollup for two. A World’s Strongest Slam plants Anna for two so she drops tot he floor for a breather. Back in and Moore grabs a gutwrench suplex for two more so Jay sends her into the corner for a backrake. We hit the chinlock into a rear naked choke to make Moore tap at 3:25.

Result: Anna Jay b. Skyler Moore – Rear naked choke (3:25)

Lee Johnson vs. Eddie Kingston

Commentary talks about cease and desist letters from New York to start as Kingston grabs a suplex. The stomping is on as Excalibur gets to talk about Eddie’s Japanese influence. Kingston strikes away but Johnson gets in an elbow in the corner and a springboard missile dropkick. The Blue Thunder Bomb gets two but Kingston is back with the spinning backfist for the pin at 3:18.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Lee Johnson – Spinning backfist (3:18)

Serpentico vs. Sonny Kiss

Sonny sends him into the corner to start so Serpentico blasts him in the face for two. A rolling elbow gets Sonny out of trouble until Serpentico kicks him down. We get a Fargo inspired strut and a knee drop gets two on Kiss. The chinlock doesn’t last long and Kiss is back with some kicks to the head. The bottom rope splits splash gives Kiss two and it’s the handspring slap in the corner to keep Serpentico in trouble. Sonny tries the Matrix but gets double stomped down for two more. That doesn’t matter very much though as Sonny gets up top for a Molly Go Round and the pin at 4:46.

Result: Sonny Kiss b. Serpentico – Molly Go Round (4:46)

Ricky Starks vs. Ben Carter

Starks shares a stare with Vickie Guerrero in the crowd before grabbing a waistlock to start. Carter reverses and picks the wrist, only to get headlocked over. Carter is back up and cranks on the arm before hitting a dropkick. Starks is getting tired of this and sends him into the corner but Carter fights out.

That doesn’t work for Starks who unloads with shots to the head. Starks belly go back suplexes him for two and we hit the chinlock. Carter jawbreaks his way to freedom and a rollup gets two. A superkick into a frog splash gives Carter two as Taz isn’t liking this. Carter misses a Phoenix splash and it’s the spear into Roshambo for the pin on Carter at 7:34.

Result: Ricky Starks b. Ben Carter – Roshambo (7:34)

Dynamite preview takes us out.

Will Hobbs b. Sean Legacy – Oklahoma Stampede
Brian Cage b. Tony Donati – Weapon X
Angelico b. Griff Garrison – Reverse inverted Figure Four
Anna Jay b. Skyler Moore – Rear naked choke
Eddie Kingston b. Lee Johnson – Spinning backfist
Sonny Kiss b. Serpentico – Molly Go Round
Ricky Starks b. Ben Carter – Roshambo

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