Here is the full show if you would like to watch it for free:

Date: September 22, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Veda Scott

It’s the first of two AEW shows on the same night because we’re just lucky enough to have them running a special show after the NBA Playoffs tonight. This is likely to be your usual stuff, but that goes without saying as they rarely shake things up around here. Hopefully it’s a little better than usual though. Let’s get to it.

The announcers welcome us.

Fuego del Sol/Rembrandt Lewis vs. Dark Order

It’s Stu Grayson and Evil Uno here. Fuego grabs a quick O’Connor roll for two on Grayson so it’s off to Lewis for a dropkick. Uno comes in to run Lewis over though as commentary talks about how much money Team Taz has and how much they spend on clothes. Lewis gets in a superkick but Uno suplexes him down into a legdrop. A side slam/top rope elbow combination gets two but it’s off to Fuego anyway. That earns him a running knee to the face from Grayson, setting up Knightfall. Uno picks him up and flips him into a spinning Downward Spiral for the pin at 4:11.

Result: Dark Order b. Fuego del Sol/Rembrandt Lewis – Spinning Downward Spiral to Fuego (4:11)

Ricky Starks vs. Christopher Daniels

Starks knocks him down to start and mocks Daniels’ dancing, only to get armdragged into an armbar. That’s reversed into a headscissors as they hit the mat but Daniels reverses into a front facelock. Daniels takes him down into another armbar before ducking Starks’ crossbody.

The Arabian moonsault gets two on Starks but he’s back with a rake to the eyes. A knee to the back sends Daniels outside and it’s a swinging neckbreaker for two back inside. Daniels is back with a t-bone suplex and an STO into the Blue Thunder Bomb gets two. They go to the pinfall reversal sequence until a double knockdown gives us a breather. Daniels’ Rock Bottom is countered and Starks hits the spear for the pin at 6:44.

Result: Ricky Starks b. Christopher Daniels – Spear (6:44)

Puf/Calvin Stewart vs. Butcher and Blade

Eddie Kingston is here and Ricky Starks has jumped in on commentary. Puf is a large man who thought he was going to be Kip Sabian’s best man. Butcher and Blade jump them to start and Puf is sent outside so Butcher can send Stewart into the corner. Blade gets in a few cheap shots on the floor but Stewart manages a dropkick back inside. Puf comes in and runs Blade over so Butcher comes in as commentary tries to figure out how many sizes Puf is. A middle rope crossbody takes Puf down and it’s back to Stewart, who walks into Full Death for the pin at 4:21.

Result: Butcher and Blade b. Puf/Calvin Stewart – Full Death to Stewart (4:21)

Will Hobbs vs. Serpentico

Luther is here with Serpentico. A Luther distraction lets Serpentico get in a cheap shot to start and they head outside. That means Serpentico gets whipped into the barricade and it’s a delayed vertical suplex to drop Serpentico back inside. Hobbs gets slapped in the face and Serpentico hammers away in the corner, setting up a boot to send Hobbs outside. Back in and Serpentico slaps him in the face, earning himself a hard shoulder. Hobbs pulls him out of the air though and finishes with a spinebuster (even Starks is impressed) at 4:40.

Result: Will Hobbs b. Serpentico – Spinebuster (4:40)

Dontae Smiley/Maxx Stardom vs. Lucha Bros

Eddie Kingston is here again. Fenix takes Stardom down to start and rolls over the ropes to get to the apron while still holding Stardom’s hand. Penta comes in for a double Paradise Lock into a double kick to the head. A spinebuster into a top rope missile dropkick low blow (think What’s Up but with a dropkick) makes it even worse for Stardom.

Back up and Stardom avoids a charge, allowing the hot tag off to Smiley. Everything breaks down and a double wishbone into a double kick to the face has Penta down again. There’s a dive over the top onto Fenix but Penta is back up with the Pentagon Driver on Stardom. Smiley makes a surprising save but Fenix is back in to dropkick Smiley to the floor. The elevated Fear Factor gives Penta the pin at 5:16.

Result: Lucha Bros b. Dontae Smiley/Maxx Stardom – Elevated Fear Factor to Stardom (5:16)

Dark Order vs. Ryzin/Xander Gold

5 and 10 for the Order here. Gold and 5 trade wristlocks to start with Gold not being able to grab an armdrag. A running clothesline has Gold in trouble and 10 comes in to send Gold into the corner. Ryzin comes in to shove 10 but gets sent into the corner as well, allowing 5 to get in a cheap shot. There’s a cutter to Ryzin and Gold is knocked off the apron. Ryzin gets a boot up in the corner but misses a moonsault. Gold comes in to drive a shoulder into 5 in the corner, followed by a dropkick. Back to back kicks to the head rock Ryzin and it’s a top rope double stomp into a powerslam to finish Gold at 5:53.

Result: Dark Order b. Ryzin/Xander Gold – Top rope double stomp/powerslam combination to Gold (5:53)

Kevin Blackwood/Daniel Garcia vs. Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss

Janela and Garcia grapple a bit to start but neither can get anywhere. It’s off to Kiss for some shaking to get on Garcia’s nerves and a running hurricanrana makes it worse. Blackwood comes in and gets dropkicked, meaning it’s right back to Garcia to run him over. Garcia puts on a surfboard but Kiss slips out and kicks Garcia in the face. The hot tag brings in Janela to clean house, including sending Blackwood into Garcia. There’s a dive onto both of them and it’s a DDT to Garcia back inside. The top rope splits splash gives Sonny the pin at 7:17.

Result: Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss b. Kevin Blackwood/Daniel Garcia – Top rope splits splash to Garcia (7:17)

M’Badu/Cruz vs. Gunn Club

Colten, I’m assuming another of Billy’s sons, is here as well. Billy tangos with Aubrey Edwards before headlocking M’Badu to start. M’Badu charges into an elbow in the corner and gets clotheslined down. The rather hefty Cruz comes in and Austin kicks his leg out. Cruz runs him over and drops an elbow for two before handing it back to M’Badu. The Stinger Splash misses though and it’s back to Billy to clean house. M’Badu is sent outside and it’s the Fameasser to finish Cruz at 4:07.

Result: Gunn Club b. M’Badu/Cruz – Fameasser to Cruz (4:07)

KiLynn King vs. Serena Deeb

They fight over a lockup to start and then do the same with a wristlock. King gets taken down and Deeb grabs something like a reverse Rings of Saturn. An armbar goes on with a knee in Deeb’s back until Deeb snaps off an armdrag into an armbar. That’s broken up as well and King hits some running knees in the corner. The chinlock goes on but Deeb fights up again and grabs a swinging neckbreaker. Deeb’s neckbreaker over the middle rope gets two and she drives King face first into the mat. The Serenity Lock (Konnan’s Tequila Sunrise) makes King tap at 4:39.

Result: Serena Deeb b. KiLynn King – Serenity Lock (4:39)

Ben Carter vs. Lee Johnson

They to the mat to start and the counters are on fast until it’s an early standoff. It’s time to fight over some wristlocks as they’re moving very quickly here. A double nipup gives us another standoff as even Starks says these two are excellent. Back up and Johnson misses a dropkick but the second attempt connects so they can reset again.

Carter flips forward out of the corner and catches a charging Johnson in a Downward Spiral into the middle buckle. A snap suplex sets up the chinlock on Johnson before Carter pulls him into an STF. That’s broken up so Carter puts him up top for a top rope superplex, even as he slips off the ropes a bit. Johnson grabs a small package for two and it’s a double clothesline into a double nipup. They trade kicks to the face and they’re both down again. It’s a slugout from their knees until Carter tries AJ Styles’ moonsault into a reverse DDT.

That’s broken up and Johnson grabs a Blue Thunder Bomb for another near fall. Carter sends him to the apron for an enziguri but misses the middle rope moonsault. Johnson dives back in for the big running flip dive. The posing takes too much time though and Carter is back up with his own running flip dive. Back in and Carter misses the Phoenix splash, allowing Johnson to hit a Death Valley Driver for two more. Johnson goes up top but gets caught in a super Spanish Fly into a low superkick for….two. Carter jumps back up top and hits the frog splash for the pin at 9:44.

Result: Ben Carter b. Lee Johnson – Frog splash (9:44)

Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Eddie Kingston

Pillman starts fast with a shoulder to put Kingston on the floor. Kingston doesn’t approve and Pillman’s crossbody into some armdrags make it worse. A dive to the floor is broken up and Pillman is dropped hard onto the barricade. Back in and Kingston strikes away in the corner before whipping Pillman hard into the other corner. A shot to Kingston’s face just annoys him even more but Pillman grabs a top rope sunset flip for two. The crucifix is countered into a Samoan drop to plant Pillman and it’s off to the chinlock.

Pillman fights up again but Kingston just hits him in the back of the head like a smart brawler would. We hit the chinlock again, which just seems to fire Pillman up. The comeback is on with chops and rams into the corners and there’s a superkick to the floor. Pillman’s missile dropkick through the ropes sets up Air Pillman for two back inside. Kingston is back with a jawbreaker into a spinning Rock Bottom for two more but Pillman grabs something like a pumphandle driver for his own near fall. Kingston has had it with Pillman and knees him in the ribs, setting up the spinning backfist for the pin at 9:04.

Result: Eddie Kingston b. Brian Pillman Jr. – Spinning backfist (9:04)

Dynamite preview wraps us up.


Dark Order b. Fuego del Sol/Rembrandt Lewis – Spinning Downward Spiral to Lewis
Ricky Starks b. Christopher Daniels – Spear
Butcher and Blade b. Puf/Calvin Stewart – Full Death to Stewart
Will Hobbs b. Serpentico – Spinebuster
Lucha Bros b. Dontae Smiley/Maxx Stardom – Elevated Fear Factor to Stardom
Dark Order b. Xander Gold/Ryzin – Top rope double stomp/powerslam combination to Gold
Joey Janela/Sonny Kiss b. Kevin Blackwood/Daniel Garcia – Splits splash to Garcia
Gunn Club b. M’Badu/Cruz – Fameasser to Cruz
Serena Deeb b. KiLynn King – Serenity Lock
Ben Carter b. Lee Johnson – Frog splash
Eddie Kingston b. Brian Pillman Jr. – Spinning backfist

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