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Date: April 7, 2020
Location: Undisclosed Location
Commentators: Cody, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Taz, Jimmy Havoc

So in a world where AEW had to do a marathon taping because they don’t know when they will be able to tape again, this show still exists. Why that is the case, instead of saving these matches for as long as they can in the case of a rainy day isn’t clear, but I’m sure I’m just missing the importance of making sure that an unnecessary supplemental show keeps running. Let’s get to it.

QT Marshall vs. Lee Johnson

Marshall takes him into the corner to start and they run the ropes a bit. A hiptoss takes Marshall down and we hit the quickly broken armbar. There’s a legdrop for two and it’s off to an abdominal stretch. Marshall charges into some boots in the corner but it’s a Lethal Combination to put Johnson down. The Swanton gives Marshall (who is cut underneath the eye) the pin at 4:05.

Result: QT Marshall b. Lee Johnson – Swanton (4:05)

Wardlow vs. Ryan Pyles

MJF is here with Wardlow, who slowly takes off his black suit. The release F5 and a delayed cover finishes Pyles at 29 seconds.

Result: Wardlow b. Ryan Pyles – F5 (0:29)

Kip Sabian vs. Tony Donati

Penelope Ford is here too. Sabian snapmares him down to start but Tony grabs a headlock to slow things down. That earns him an armdrag takeover but a shot to the check sends Sabian into the corner. The ruse allows Ford to choke on the ropes and a penalty kick gives Sabian two. As the announcers discuss the different kinds of football, Tony grabs a hammerlock brainbuster for two. A quick edit takes us to Sabian striking away and pulling Tony down into kind of an Octopus Hold/Koji Clutch on the mat for the tap at 6:03.

Result: Kip Sabian b. Tony Donati – Reverse Koji Clutch (6:03)

QT Marshall b. Lee Johnson – Swanton
Wardlow b. Ryan Pyles – Release F5
Kip Sabian b. Tony Donati – Reverse Koji Clutch

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