205 Live
Date: May 7, 2021
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips

We’re in for a kind of interesting show this time around in that we are going to be seeing some fresh faces. WWE has actually announced that some new wrestlers are going to be debuting here and that could make for quite the interesting night. Well maybe not interesting but at least new. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Ari Sterling vs. Samir Singh

Sunil is here with Samir. Ari is better known as Alex Zayne. Samir grabs a headlock takeover but Sterling is right back up with an armdrag to the floor, setting up a slingshot springboard Lionsault to take him down again. Back in and Sterling works on a cravate but Samir breaks up a springboard to knock him outside.

Samir comes back in for a Boston crab but Sterling makes the rope. A hurricanrana is countered into another Boston crab so Sterling has to break it up again. Now the comeback is on, including a running flip ax kick to drop Samir for two. Samir gets up and tries a tornado DDT but Sterling shoves it off, setting up a backbreaker, which is flipped forward into a faceplant to put Samir away at 7:12.

Result: Ari Sterling b. Samir Singh – Backbreaker faceplant (7:12)

We look back at Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma promising to take various titles from Kushida and MSK. Kushida popped up on the screen to challenge Escobar to a 2/3 falls title match next week.

Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari vs. August Grey/Ikemen Jiro

This is Jiro’s debut and apparently Ikemen means handsome. Jiro, wearing his yellow jacket, starts with Nese, and gets driven straight into the corner. A shoulder puts Jiro down but he nips up and tells Nese to try it again. It’s off to Grey, who gets double teamed in the corner to slow things down. A hurricanrana takes Daivari down but he decks Grey before the hot tag. Then the tag goes through a few seconds later so house can be cleaned, including a bulldog to Daivari.

Nese comes back in and stomps away though, followed by a sleeper from Daivari. It’s already back to Nese, who rolls over to knock Nese off the apron but gets knocked down by Jiro. The real hot tag brings in Grey to pick up the pace, including the running crotch attack to the back of the head while Daivari is in the ropes. The spinning suplex gets two on Daivari but Nese cuts Grey off, setting up the Lionsault for two.

Everything breaks down with Nese kicking Jiro straight in the face. A Dominator/sliding cutter combination gets two on Grey with Jiro diving in for the save. That means it’s back to Jiro to start taking over, including a bunch of strikes to the face. The villains are sent to the floor for the Asai moonsault, followed by a Swanton for two on Nese back inside with Daivari making the save. Jiro dives onto Nese and it’s a running kick to the face gives Jiro the pin at 10:25.

Result: August Grey/Okemen Jiro b. Tony Nese/Ariya Daivari – Running kick to the face to Nese (10:25)

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