205 Live
Date: June 26, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Drew Gulak, Byron Saxton

Last week’s edition of the cruiserweight show featured a pair of rather large monsters and a guy we aren’t allowed to speak about anymore. That doesn’t leave many options for this week but maybe they can surprise us. Last week they surprised me by actually doing something interesting with the show so maybe they can go back to back. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Isaiah Scott vs. Tony Nese

Nese poses to start and then waistlocks Scott down. That means an early standoff as they seem to have some time here. They go to the mat until Scott grabs a headscissors into an armbar. Scott has to slip out of a headscissors so Nese is back with the strikes to the ribs and face. An armbar gets Scott out of trouble again as they are still in first gear.

Nese fights up and snaps Scott throat first across the top, but Scott follows him to the floor for some chops against the Plexiglas. A belly to back onto the apron cuts Scott off again though and there’s a running elbow for two back inside. Nese trips him down to cut off a comeback and the Lionsault gets two.

Scott snaps off a suplex but Nese is back with a spinning kick to the face for his own near fall. A bodyscissors stays on Scott’s ribs until he fights up and unloads with shots in the corner. The middle rope elbow to the back of a seated Nese gets two and the rolling Downward Spiral is good for the same.

Scott’s German suplex gets two but the House Call is reversed into a Boston crab. A rope is grabbed so Nese hits a pumphandle powerslam for another near fall. They head outside again with Nese sending him into the steps, setting up the 450 for two back inside. The frustrated Nese grabs a chair but Scott knocks him into the ropes, setting up a slingshot stomp to send Nese to the floor. Back in and the Swerve Stomp finishes Nese at 19:59.

Result: Isaiah Scott b. Tony Nese – Swerve Stomp (19:59)

He’s getting somewhere:

Next week: Legado de Fantasma is here.

Scott says he wants the title to end the show.

Isaiah Scott b. Tony Nese – Swerve Stomp

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