205 Live
Date: February 28, 2020
Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
Commentators: Joe Quasto, Aiden English

It’s time for a special edition of the show, and by that I mean one that was taped before Smackdown went on the air. My guess is that this is just due to the travel situation because it would make too much sense to do this regularly. We’re coming up on the big ten man tag match so maybe we have something good here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Raul Mendoza vs. Joaquin Wilde

Rematch from last week when Mendoza won to even their series. Mendoza hits a running dropkick for an early one and we’re already in the armbar. That’s switched to a cobra clutch but Wilde fights up and gets in a powerbomb off the ropes. Wilde sends him outside for a flip dive, followed by a kick to the chest for two back inside.

They fight on the corner with Mendoza saying that Wilde isn’t better than him, earning himself a super hurricanrana for two. Mendoza snaps off a Spanish Fly for his own two and a pumphandle driver is good for the same. The Wilde Thing is countered so Wilde gets two off a backslide before ducking Mendoza’s running kick to the chest. Mendoza knees him in the face but a bottom rope Lionsault hits knees. The Wilde Thing into a rollup finishes Mendoza at 8:12.

Result: Joaquin Wilde b. Raul Mendoza – Wilde Thing (8:12)

It’s a different style:

Here are the teams for the elimination tag in two weeks:

Team NXT: Lio Rush (Captain), Tyler Breeze, Isaiah Scott, Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan

Team 205 Live: Tony Nese (Captain), Mike Kanellis, Jack Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, Ariya Daivari

Lio Rush vs. Tony Nese

Mike Kanellis is here with Nese but hold on as Nese needs to pose at the bell. That’s not cool with Rush, who hammers away but gets taken into the corner by straight power. Rush hammers away and grabs a springboard hurricanrana, only to get kicked in the face. Nese gets sent outside and it’s a springboard flip dive to take him down. Back in and Nese hits a fireman’s carry gutbuster and grabs a bodyscissors but Rush is back with a rollup for two.

Nese kicks him down again and hits a Lionsault for two of his own. Rush knocks him off the top for a high crossbody but Nese spinwheel kicks him down. A backbreaker sets up a Boston crab to put Rush in more trouble so he grabs a rope. Kanellis’ distraction doesn’t work so Rush hits the springboard Stunner, drawing in Kanellis for the DQ at 10:00.

Result: Lio Rush b. Tony Nese via DQ when Mike Kanellis interfered (10:00)

Consider it a preview:

Post match the beatdown is on but Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan come out for the save. The four of them brawl to the back, leaving Rush alone. This brings out the returning Jack Gallagher to beat Rush down and plant him with a headbutt. Gallagher takes off his tracksuit to reveal a bunch of tattoos, making him look a bit like Conor McGregor.


Joaquin Wilde b. Raul Mendoza – Wilde Thing
Lio Rush b. Tony Nese via DQ when Mike Kanellis interfered

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