205 Live
Date: February 27, 2018
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

It’s time for another round of the tournament as we’re in the final eight. This tournament has completely reinvigorated the show and actually made it fun to watch. That wasn’t the case for over a year but better late than never. Tonight we’ll have half of the semifinals set so let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week’s first round matches.

Opening sequence.

Cruiserweight Title Tournament Quarterfinals: TJP vs. Cedric Alexander

Both say they’re going to Wrestlemania and winning the title. The fans are behind the hometown boy in TJP as they hit the mat for a wrestling sequence. Back up and a flip off goes to Alexander, who counters TJP’s hurricanrana into a powerbomb for two. Back up and a headscissors takes Cedric down, meaning we can hit the dab. Cedric starts working on the arm with his feet on TJP’s face but a whip into the corner allows TJP to get in a boot to the head. A dropkick sends TJP outside but he’s back in fast enough to block the big flip dive.

Now it’s TJP’s turn to start in on the arm, sending Alexander straight to the ropes. Some kneedrops and a chinlock with an arm trap keep TJP in control. That’s not enough for him though as he grapevines the legs in a standing Indian deathlock but steps on Cedric’s head for a nice change of pace. The slingshot hilo bangs the ribs up a little bit more and it’s back to the chinlock. A good looking jumping back elbow to the jaw gets two on Cedric and it’s off to an abdominal stretch/octopus hold hybrid.

Cedric reverses a belly to back suplex into a crossbody and chills in the corner (where a turnbuckle pad is upside down). The Neuralizer gives Cedric two and the springboard Downward Spiral is good for the same. The Lumbar Check is reversed into the double chickenwing gutbuster to put Cedric down again. TJP dropkicks the knee out but Cedric kicks him in the….I think top of the head to knock TJP outside. Now the slingshot dive connects, only to bang up Cedric’s knee even more.

Back in and the knee gets hurt again and there’s the kneebar. Cedric’s crawl to the ropes is enough for the break so TJP settles for a rollup with trunks for two instead. A double clothesline gives us a double knockdown. It’s TJP up first with the springboard forearm (no nipup due to exhaustion though) and the kneebar goes on again. Cedric rolls halfway around the ring for the break this time and it’s time for a strike off. TJP gets the better of it and tries the Detonation Kick but Cedric slips out and grabs the Lumbar Check to advance at 17:30.

Result: Cedric Alexander b. TJP – Lumbar Check (17:30)

Drake Maverick talks about how important cruiserweights can be, especially with someone pointing them in the right direction. The last few weeks have been his vision for 205 Live.

He really has been a game changer.

Drake Maverick reveals his vision for WWE's Cruiserweight division

Drake Maverick reveals his vision for WWE's Cruiserweight division

Last week, Mustafa Ali was in the fight of his life but he looked at the Wrestlemania sign and kept going. Next week he faces the bigger and stronger Buddy Murphy, but Buddy isn’t strong enough to break him.

Buddy says if Mustafa thought he was in a fight last week, he has no idea what he’s in for next week.

Cruiserweight Title Tournament Quarterfinals: Kalisto vs. Roderick Strong

The winner gets Cedric in the semifinals. Roderick hammerlocks him to start and a wristlock puts Kalisto on the mat. Back up and a headscissors takes Strong down as Cedric is watching backstage. A backbreaker out of nowhere gives Roderick one but he gets hurricanranaed to the floor. Kalisto snaps off a big dive and dropkicks Strong underneath the ropes for good measure.

Strong is fast enough to send him into the apron though and a release suplex drops Kalisto on the announcers’ table as things get a lot more intense in a hurry. That actually draws the first 205 Live chant that I’ve heard in at least a year. Back in and Strong stomps away but Kalisto is up at one. Another backbreaker gets another two and Strong, apparently a heel, mocks the Lucha Dance.

Strong tries a modified Gory Special but Kalisto armdrags his way out and hits the basement hurricanrana. Kalisto comes back with the usual and another basement hurricanrana gets two. The Salida Del Sol is broken up though and Strong grabs an Angle Slam for two of his own. A double underhook powerbomb is countered into a rollup to give Kalisto two and both guys are down again.

Kalisto catches Strong on top and stands up there with him, allowing Strong to pick him up for what looked like a slam. Instead Kalisto held on and rolled through to drop Strong though in a really unique looking spot (even Nigel said he had no idea what it was) for two. Strong finally knees him in the head though and another backbreaker sets up End of Heartache to end Kalisto at 11:42.

Result: Roderick Strong b. Kalisto – End of Heartache (11:42)



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