205 Live
Date: August 7, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Drew Gulak, Vic Joseph

We’re back to the cruiserweights and for the first time in a good while, that doesn’t sound like a complete waste of time. Things have been getting a little interesting around here, or at least as interesting as a show regularly featuring Tony Nese and Ever Rise is going to be. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Ever Rise vs. Mikey Spandex/Marquis Carter

Parker armbars Spandex to start as Gulak talks about proper fish tank maintenance. Parker misses a charge, allowing Spandex to slam him for one. It’s off to Parker to knock Spandex down and stomp away but he gets in a dropkick for a breather.

Carter comes in for some running forearms and a springboard elbow gets one on Martel. That’s about it for Carter, who gets taken down into a backbreaker/running knee combination as the fans seem to be cheering for Ever Rise.  The elevated Codebreaker finishes Spandex at 4:15.

Result: Ever Rise b. Mikey Spandex/Marquis carter – Elevated Codebreaker to Spandex (4:15)

They had to win something:

We see Legado del Fantasma kidnapping Fandango on NXT, and what happened later that night.

Here is Legado del Fantasma for a chat and they carry Fandango out with him. Escobar talks about how they come out here every week and try to explain that they are just better because lucha libre is not a gimmick. Fandango is thrown over the barricade and then inside, with Escobar talking about Breezango playing dress up. They spit in the face of Escobar and the disrespect stops right now. The rest of the team goes after Fandango and cut off an invading Tyler Breeze as well. Escobar says anyone who speaks his name again will face the same future.

They’re very serious:

Tony Nese vs. Danny Burch

Oney Lorcan is here with Nese. They lock up to start with neither getting anywhere. The threat of the half crab sends Nese bailing to the ropes so Lorcan takes him to the mat and works on the arm instead. Nese’s waistlock is countered into a headlock so Nese rolls over to the ropes again. Back up and Nese starts the dodging, setting up an elbow to the face for two.

The chinlock goes on but Burch fights up and grabs a headlock takeover. That’s broken up with a belly to back suplex for two and it’s off to the front facelock. Burch’s throat is snapped across the top rope and the Lionsault connects, but Burch is already in the ropes. At least he didn’t waste time. Nese stays on the ribs with a bodyscissors before throwing a chinlock in for a bonus.

That’s broken up as well and Burch clotheslines him into the corner. A suplex gives Burch two and Nese pretty easily loses a slugout. Nese kicks him in the face for two of his own, followed by a second to keep Burch down. The 450 misses but here’s Ariya Daivari to rake Lorcan’s eyes. Lorcan is sent into the Plexiglas and seems to bang up his knee, but he sends Burch back to the ring anyway. Burch sends Nese into a variety of things and grabs a hanging DDT for the pin at 10:53.

Result: Danny Burch b. Tony Nese – Hanging DDT (10:53)

Welcome back:

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