Bray Wyatt finally made his return to WWE programming on the July 15 edition of Monday Night Raw. The Eater of Worlds came back with a new look, but he targeted a familiar opponent when he attacked Finn Bálor in the middle of the ring.

Many fans are undoubtedly happy with Bray’s reemergence. The Firefly Fun House has delivered an entirely different side of Wyatt’s character and those spots have indeed been entertaining. But Bray’s revival on Raw never seemed to be forthcoming. Now that Wyatt is back, his supporters are surely wondering what happens next. More importantly, they’re wondering whether or not WWE will actually use Bray to his full potential this time.

Bray Wyatt has always been just on the cusp of greatness Of course, that perception varies depending on the point of view. Bray Wyatt the man may believe that his WWE career has gone perfectly fine to this point. Perhaps he’s enjoyed his time in Vince McMahon’s company and it could very well be that he cannot imagine himself working anywhere else.

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Maybe world championship runs and WrestleMania main events have just not been on Bray’s shortlist. It’s not that he doesn’t have ambition; most WWE Superstars certainly do and he’s likely no different. But maybe Wyatt is content to just take things one day at a time and that means he’s willing to wait. Bray could be biding his time until he sees where things will go in WWE.

But for the WWE faithful, Bray Wyatt’s career has never moved fast enough. He has such charisma and such a presence, that it’s nearly impossible to believe he cannot reach the top of the industry. He definitely seems ready made to succeed on the worldwide stage and he obviously has. But he’s never been on that elite level. 

However, this is where the line between perception and reality gets a bit blurry. Many fans feel that Bray Wyatt should be a top player in WWE and until that happens, the company is dropping the ball with him. But what is the truth? As the masses begin debating Bray’s potential future in WWE, perhaps the time has come to look at why he seems to be held back from top tier success in the company.

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Wyatt has everything it takes to become one of the most profitable, most entertaining acts in WWE. He’s such a great heel and when he’s on his game, no one is more compelling on the mic. His wicked tongue is matched only by his sinister agenda and that agenda is wholly evil. He’s a walking nightmare and every time he opens his mouth, he is impossible to ignore. While some struggle to perfect rehearsed lines, Bray Wyatt flows like the river styx.

Of course amazing mic skills and grasp of character do not necessarily equal legendary status in WWE. Unless the machine gets behind a talent, that talent will never excel. It’s not about building on what garnered a spot in WWE, as much as it is building on the momentum WWE provides. If that momentum does not happen, then a Superstar can’t move forward. Has this been the case for Bray Wyatt?

Wyatt seems to have been in a holding pattern from the day he began his destructive journey in WWE. He’s been contained to his gimmick and while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, he’s unfortunately also been held in one place because of it. It’s as if he had a role to play and he did so like no one else could, but he was never rewarded for his efforts.

But many would say that Bray has indeed been given more than his fair share of accolades in WWE. He has held the WWE Championship after all and that would never have happened if the company didn’t have a respectable level of faith in him. But could it be that Wyatt’s time as WWE champion was nothing more than a temporary stint on the way to Randy Orton winning the title at WrestleMania 33?

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Of course Bray’s time in Matt Hardy’s Woken universe was certainly memorable. Wyatt was given many opportunities to explore his character, as well as his life as a top babyface Superstar. Once again, Bray rose to the occasion and he more than delivered. But just as his WWE Championship run ended with little to no return, so too did his time with Matt Hardy. 

Where was the followup? Why did WWE not strike with Bray when the time was right? He had a major spotlight at the time and it would have been so easy for him to transition to something more. He was certainly capable of doing more, just as he’s capable now. So is now the right time for Bray Wyatt?

Much like every Superstar in WWE, success will only come if real planning is in place. If the company has not prepared a path for Bray, then Wyatt will not be able to move forward. Wyatt must be the one to walk through the door to the next level, but WWE must first open that door.

Fans are excited for this new incarnation of Wyatt and that’s a good thing. Bray has an extremely unique character and that character has always been open to reinvention. Wyatt is so good at what he does and he can do it with any tweaking that’s needed. Bray can be a master of his own destiny. Or he could become a victim of WWE’s dismal booking. Fans are surely hoping for the former.


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