The balance of power is shifting in the women’s division of WWE. It seemed like just yesterday that Charlotte Flair was the unbeatable champion, a Superstar at the top of her game who set the standard for the roster. Despite who came along to challenge her, Flair was the one who usually ended up with the gold around her waist once again.

Charlotte’s behind-the-scenes best friend Becky Lynch is now the new standard for the female Superstars of Vince McMahon’s company. She’s currently celebrating a year in that spot and nearly five months of that run has been spent with championship gold of her own. But now it seems that her time in the spotlight as champion may be nearing its end as well. 

The two most successful members of The Four Horsewomen have enjoyed their day in the sun. However, the other two members are now back from the bottom and they’re ready to shine. The times are changing in WWE, as Sasha Banks and Bayley are on the verge of taking over.

Predicting the end of Becky Lynch’s title run is possibly a bit premature. After all, The Man was the slowest of the four to take that main event journey. Becky, through no fault of her own, was never really given a shot. So rather than keep waiting on a chance that wouldn’t come, Lynch took matters into her own hands and got herself over.

Watch Bayley destroy Beck on Raw!

But in the world of WWE, five months can either last a lifetime or end in a matter of seconds. It all depends on the storytelling and how the fans connect to it. If the audience is dialed in and if they fully embrace the talents presented for them, then time seems to stand still. This has been the case for The Man, who earned every day she’s spent on top. 

However the issues with her run have become apparent over time and those issues come from her booking. Becky typically does not look weak and she almost always delvers in the ring. But everything after that has been impossible to ignore. Her feud with Lacey Evans did not help matters any. Evans was never really a legitimate threat to Becky, but The Man struggled all the same.

Then there’s Lynch’s very public relationship with Seth Rollins, which WWE has featured at every turn. The majority of fans do not seem to be overly impressed by anything they’ve seen from the power couple thus far. In fact, many critics believe it’s all a bit much to put up with. This aspect of Lynch’s run, like everything else in her recent WWE career, has suffered from overexposure. 

Though many fans won’t admit it, the truth is that they’re ready to see her knocked down a level. It doesn’t seem fair to her but the WWE audience can be very fickle at times and this is one of those times. They supported her until they grew tired of her and now they appear ready to move on. That became painfully obvious when Bayley attacked Lynch with a steel chair and was cheered for it.

Watch Bayley and Sasha after the attack on Lynch!

So now Bayley and Sasha are back on the same page and they’re primed for a hostile takeover. Becky Lynch was indeed the last Horsewoman to make an impact, but Banks and Bayley have been waiting for a long time. Now it seems that WWE is moving forward with them and if so, both women could have gold by mid-September.

Sasha Banks is getting her shot at Becky’s Raw Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions on September 15. While Banks’ track record for title wins is impressive at four, her title reigns are disappointing at best. So if she does defeat The Man at COC, then she may actually wear the title much longer than she ever has before.

If she does go over, then she and Bayley will be on top of the world. The jury is still out for many fans as it pertains to Bayley’s ability to make the heel turn work. But there’s no question that she’s hotter now than she’s ever been. Much like the newly heeled Hugger, Sasha should also be hated for her actions, but she’s as popular as Bayley is right now.

It’s an odd sort of angle that could arguably only happen in WWE. But it’s happening all the same and when the company recognizes that something is getting over, the inclination is to run with it. However, Charlotte is on her way back.

Watch Bayley and Sasha attack Charlotte on SmackDown!

The Queen has her own championship opportunity as she will face Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s title at Clash of Champions. If Flair wins the belt, then Bayley’s momentum is shot and so is her heel turn.

While it seems ridiculous that WWE would go this route, the fact is that fans have seen much stranger things from the company in the past. Charlotte has always been portrayed as a winner and it’s hard to imagine that she will be without a championship for much longer.

But if WWE is indeed rolling with Bayley and Banks, then both Charlotte and Becky may remain on the outside looking in. Vince McMahon is a big believer in elevating talents and then lowering them down again to give others room to rise. It’s standard operating procedure for WWE and that may be exactly what fans are witnessing with The Four Horsewomen.

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Bayley share a bond that is perhaps the strongest of any Superstar group in WWE. All four women want to be the best and each one has had the chance to prove her mettle on more than one occasion. Now that the tide has turned from one half of the quartet to the other, it will indeed be interesting to see what happens next.



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