Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant stars in the professional wrestling industry today. He’s a force of nature, an exceptional athlete with freakish strength and a powerhouse of unlimited potential. He’s a marquee attraction whose presence changes an entire card and he’s nearly unstoppable between the ropes.

But every word of that description perfectly fits WALTER as well. The current WWE UK champion is getting his first taste of the mainstream spotlight thanks to the black and gold brand’s debut on the USA Network. Anyone not familiar with WALTER but saw him for the first time on September 18, now understands what all of the hype is about. They also understand that the Ring General versus The Beast Incarnate is a dream match that should definitely happen.

It’s a bout that longtime fans have been talking about for years. On one side is the accomplished main event mainstay Brock Lesnar, a former NCAA Heavyweight champion, 4-time WWE champion, 3-time Universal champion and UFC Heavyweight champion. He’s been the most bankable, most high-profile star in the history of combat sports and at age 42, he shows no signs of slowing down.

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On the other side is WALTER, a 32-year old international phenom who began his career at the age of 18. He’s traveled the world, held titles throughout Europe and been a main event player everywhere he’s worked. His no-nonsense style and icy demeanor are matched only by his size and strength, all of which make him the most punishing, yet most skilled, big man in the business today. 

Diehard fans have imagined what it would be like if these two monsters waged war in the middle of the ring. But that opportunity has never presented itself in the past. Brock Lesnar was a WWE Superstar only and WALTER had no desire to make a career in the United States. However, all of that has changed now.

WALTER and Lesnar are both working under the WWE banner now. Brock is en route to a WWE Championship match against Kofi Kingston and WALTER is the dominating WWE UK champion. Each man is at the top of his respective corner of Vince McMahon’s company and it’s perhaps only a matter of time until WWE books this match.

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It’s a win for everyone involved. WWE would have a top notch main event that could pack a house anywhere in the world. Brock Lesnar would finally have a challenger that could meet him on his own terms, a man who could trade shot for shot on an even playing field. It would be a battle of the giants, Godzilla versus King Kong and fans would love every second of it.

WALTER would get the benefit of working a man that’s been on top of the industry’s biggest promotion and faced its best stars for nearly 20 years. Brock would bring a world of knowledge and experience to the Ring General and WALTER would come out of this match better for having worked it. 

Lesnar would surely step up his game against WALTER and fans would finally see the former Universal champ fighting to gain an advantage. It’s not often that Brock faces a man that can rise to the occasion, but WALTER is indeed the exception. Although he’s been pinned cleanly by both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, Brock has only really been physically tested recently by Goldberg. WALTER would likely do that and much more.

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But then there’s the question of who goes over. Winning and losing doesn’t always matter in WWE and fans know that. But a victory for WALTER would be one of the most epic moments in WWE history. Like Andre the Giant versus Hulk Hogan, WALTER versus Brock Lesnar would be a clash of titans and this time, the match would go another way. WALTER should get the win in this bout, if only because it means more than one match.

Paul Heyman’s client would never take a loss without demanding a return match, because that would be admitting defeat. Brock Lesnar is not the kind of Superstar that would immediately come back for more, despite the circumstances of his initial loss. Lesnar would pursue WALTER, who would simply have no need to face him again. But that doesn’t mean the match wouldn’t happen and that could lead to a trilogy.

WWE is in the business of booking dream matches and this is indeed one of the best. Brock Lesnar is on top of his game and on top of the world in Vince McMahon’s company, that much is true. But there is no denying that WALTER is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in WWE. If these two men ever inhabit the same environment at the same time, then they must come face-to-face.

If that happens, the end result would surely be a confrontation that fans will never forget. The Beast Incarnate’s dominance in WWE is well documented and the same is true of WALTER. It’s only logical that these two behemoths eventually go to war and when shots are fired, neither side will back down. The fans want it and with any luck, WWE will one day make it happen.


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