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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Surprising WWE Title Match Possible For WrestleMania 38

    It would be sad to see. Tag team wrestling has a weird history in WWE, as the company does not seem to care about it very often. That can make...

    NewsFebruary 1, 2022
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Has No Plans for WWE Title Match At WrestleMania

    NewsJanuary 31, 2022
  • That’s A Long Time: Brock Lesnar Breaks 19 Year Old WWE Championship Record

    The new record. The WWE Title has been around for nearly sixty years and a who’s who of wrestlers have held it. There are all kinds of special moments in...

    NewsJanuary 9, 2022
  • Backstage Reaction To Big E.’s WWE Title Reign, How Some Tried To Make Improvements

    They don’t seem happy. There are a lot of championships in the wrestling world but few have the history of the WWE Title. The championship has been around for about...

    NewsJanuary 4, 2022
  • Here’s What’s Next For Brock Lesnar And The WWE Title

    That’s up next. With about three months to go before WrestleMania 38, it is time for WWE to start getting things ready for the biggest show of the year. That...

    NewsJanuary 3, 2022
  • WWE Title Match Officially Seth For Extreme Rules

    We have the other main event. We are less than three weeks away from WWE Extreme Rules, which is in kind of a weird place on the WWE calendar. The...

    NewsSeptember 6, 2021
  • Here’s Why WWE Had Miz Win The WWE Championship

    NewsMarch 9, 2021
  • Here’s The Likely WWE Title Match For WrestleMania 37

    That’s a way to go. With just over six weeks to go before WrestleMania 37, it is time to start figuring out the card. There are several ways to go...

    NewsFebruary 27, 2021
  • Video: Would You Rather Be WWE Champion Or Universal Champion?

    Who ya got? Next week, WWE will be presenting its annual Survivor Series event with a focus on the battles between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. This includes a...

    NewsNovember 11, 2018
  • WWE Showcases 10 “What If?” Designs For Current WWE Title has posted an article that showcases what the custom design plates for the current WWE Title could have looked like for past champions. Looking at the WWE Title, and...

    NewsApril 29, 2013