• Bro? Conflicting Reports On Matt Riddle’s Absence And Possible Suspensions From WWE TV

    Hold on a second. WWE is a huge wrestling company and does what it can to take care of its wrestlers. This includes a full medical staff to take care...

    NewsDecember 18, 2022
  • Another Name Returns To AEW Following Suspension (Contains Mild Spoiler)

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  • BREAKING: NXT Suspends Three Stars After Assaulting Referee

    They’re gone for a bit. With so many wrestlers on any of the WWE rosters, it can be difficult to find something for all of them to do. There are...

    NewsSeptember 27, 2022
  • Put It On Hold: AEW Star Suspended, All Out Match In Doubt

    Did you miss him? Wrestlers have a difficult job as they have to make you believe that what you are seeing in front of you is real, despite knowing that...

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  • See You Soon? Update On Ronda Rousey’s WWE Suspension

    Update your schedules. WWE has a lot of major shows on its calendar and some of them are among the biggest of the year. That is going to be the...

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  • Interesting Note On Samoa Joe’s Suspension From WWE

    That’s kind of last minute. There are a lot of different parts to any given WWE show. With so many things going on every single week, it is clear that...

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  • Criminal Charges Against Rich Swann Dropped

    NewsJanuary 26, 2018
  • Story Update: Rich Swann Has Now Been Suspended by WWE

    Following the arrest of Rich Swann, WWE has announced via their website that the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion is now suspended. They issued the following statement: “WWE has zero tolerance...

    NewsDecember 10, 2017
  • Titus O’Neil in Passionate Interview on His Family and WWE Suspension

    Titus O’Neil was on the latest episode of Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia where he spoke about many passionate topics, including his WWE suspension in 2016. On being professional and...

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  • When Will Alberto El Patron’s Suspension Be Lifted?

    When will we get to si si si si him again? Global Force Wrestling World Champion Alberto El Patron has been suspended from the company for the last few weeks...

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