• WATCH: Matt Riddle Denies SpeakOut Allegations, Gives His Side

    The response. While it has calmed down a bit in recent weeks, the SpeakOut movement has become one of the biggest stories in recent years in professional wrestling. Dozens of...

    NewsJuly 8, 2020
  • KB’s Review: On The SpeakOut Movement

    BlogsJune 25, 2020
  • Big Indy Wrestling Promotion Closing Over SpeakOut Allegations

    There goes another one. One of the side effects of the SpeakOut movement has been some smaller promotions being devastated if not outright finished off by allegations against their owners/promoters....

    NewsJune 24, 2020
  • Three Impact Wrestling Names Punished Over SpeakOut Allegations

    The house cleaning begins. The big story over the last week has been the SpeakOut movement, which has seen countless people, both men and women, come forward to tell their...

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  • WWE Knew Of Matt Riddle’s SpeakOut Allegations

    An important opinion. This week in wrestling has been dominated by the SpeakOut movement and that is a good thing. Something like this shows how the wrestling industry needs to...

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  • Woman Involved In Trent Seven SpeakOut Allegations Denies Them

    Add it to the list. The wrestling world has been shaken up in a big way this week by the SpeakOut movement, which has caused a lot of wrestlers and...

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  • More Wrestlers Face SpeakOut Allegations, Some Respond

    NewsJune 20, 2020
  • AEW Star Sent To Rehab Over SpeakOut Allegations

    It’s for the best. This week’s wrestling news cycle has been dominated by the story of the SpeakOut movement, which has seen a variety of wrestlers from all areas of...

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