Sin Cara

  • Former WWE Star Alleges Racism In The Company, Still Wants To Return

    One more time? WWE has been around for such a long time that it can be easy to forget some of the wrestlers who have been around over the years....

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  • Two WWE Superstars Granted Release From The Company

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  • It’s Their Right: Update On WWE Not Releasing Wrestlers And Some Backstage Not Agreeing With The Stance

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  • Another One Out The Door? Sin Cara Wants Out Of His WWE Deal And Offers An Explanation For His Request

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  • Sign Here And Here. Two Names Sign New Contracts With WWE.

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  • A New Stable Could Be Coming To SmackDown Live

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  • An Injured Superstar Might Be Working With Rey Mysterio Upon Returning

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  • Which Injured WWE Superstar May Be Looking At Surgery?

    No one said it was sin danger. You never know when you might see a wrestler get injured. It could come at any time in a match, or it could...

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