Ric Flair’s Last Match

  • WOO-No! Ric Flair Announces He Suffered An Injury During Training For Last Match

    That might slow things down. Later this month, Ric Flair will wrestle his final match at an event appropriately called Ric Flair’s Last Match. The announcement of the match earlier...

    NewsJuly 20, 2022
  • The Way Around It: Important Detail On How Ric Flair’s Last Match Came Together

    NewsJuly 20, 2022
  • WOO! Opponent(s) Announced For Ric Flair’s Final Match

    They’re up last. In less than two weeks, WWE will be presenting Summerslam in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will be one of the biggest of the year for WWE but...

    NewsJuly 18, 2022