• Updates On Two Wrestlers Injured This Week

    That could be worse. Injuries are the kind of things that happen to everyone at some point or another in wrestling. That does not make it any better, but one...

    NewsJuly 2, 2021
  • Nasty Injury Takes Place During AEW Dynamite

    NewsJuly 1, 2021
  • AEW Goes Back And Forth With Wendy’s Restaurants

    It’s publicity! Wrestling exists in its own world and it is fairly rare to see something else come into its orbit. It can be a pretty cool moment when you...

    NewsMay 20, 2021
  • WATCH: Former Impact Knockout Appears On AEW Dynamite

    There’s your other cameo. There are a lot of wrestlers in the world and it is not clear who is going to pop up where. AEW has offered a lot...

    NewsApril 30, 2020
  • TNA Wrestler Knux May Be Done With the Company

    TNA Wrestler Knux May Be Done With the Company

    It has been turmoil in TNA land over the past few days. Wednesday night, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported the company would be losing its television deal with Destination...

    NewsMay 22, 2015
  • Rumor: Former WWE Superstar to Debut on TNA "Impact" Wrestling Tonight

    Impact Wrestling Results – May 15, 2015

    ResultsMay 15, 2015