Raw Cruiserweights

  • WWE Planning For Neville to Enter Cruiserweight Division?

    Neville has had a frustrating year in 2016. After a great run in NXT, he debuted on the main roster last year to a lot of surprising results. Many people...

    NewsNovember 9, 2016
  • Cruiserweight Roster Upset With WWE Creating “205 Live” and Possible Change to SmackDown

    NewsNovember 9, 2016
  • Raw’s Cruiserweight Division Needs More Heels

    Since the launch of Raw’s Cruiserweight Division, Brian Kendrick is the only established heel in a division of eight to ten men. WWE has done a decent job of establishing...

    November 1, 2016
  • Former WWE Superstar Could Be Returning to Help With Raw’s Cruiserweight Division

    Raw’s Cruiserweight Division isn’t picking the steam many expected it to after the “Cruiserweight Classic.” The wrestling doesn’t feel the same, but that’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. It could be...

    RumorsOctober 20, 2016
  • WWE Officials Very High On Raw Cruiserweight

    Thus far, the Raw Cruiserweight division is getting some mixed reviews from the WWE Universe. No one denies the talent inside the ring, but the division is missing the x-factor...

    NewsOctober 14, 2016
  • WWE Making Major Change to Raw’s Cruiserweight Division

    The “Cruiserweight Classic” was as great as it was because WWE specifically wanted to have the best performers who were under two hundred and five pounds in the world. That gave...

    NewsOctober 12, 2016
  • Raw Reaction: Are You Invested In Raw’s Crusierweight Division?

    September 27, 2016
  • Daniel Bryan and Mauro Ranallo Should Be Calling the Matches For Raw’s Cruiserweight Division

    I could talk all day about the awesomeness that was the “Cruiserweight Classic,” but a lot of the product’s success falls to that was done by Daniel Bryan and Mauro...

    September 25, 2016
  • WWE Needs to Establish Faces and Heels in the Cruiserweight Division

    After weeks of the “Cruiserweight Classic” and the debut of Raw’s cruiserweights earlier this week, WWE has successfully brought back the Cruiserweight Division in a huge way, but there is a...

    September 25, 2016
  • Backstage News On Changes Coming to Raw’s Cruiserweight Division

    The “Cruiserweight Classic” was such a success because of the talent pool involved in the tournament and the in-ring work was so radically different than anything else WWE is putting...

    NewsSeptember 22, 2016