• Two For: Multiple Promotions Interested In The IIconics

    As they should be. There have been all kinds of big name releases from the WWE roster over the course of the last year and a half and that means...

    NewsAugust 19, 2021
  • The Former IIconics Make Announcement On Their Post WWE Plans

    NewsMay 28, 2021
  • VIDEO: Daniel Bryan And More Teased For Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

    What could be. While it might not be as popular as it was before, there is no denying that WWE is still the biggest and most successful wrestling promotion in...

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  • BREAKING: WWE Announces Nine Releases

    It happens to everyone. There are so many people on the WWE roster that it can be hard to keep track of them all. With the amount of people the...

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  • Backstage News On Why The IIconics Were Split Up

    The surprise explanation. There are times where WWE presents an angle or plot point that changes something in a hurry and it doesn’t make the most sense. That can be...

    NewsSeptember 2, 2020
  • WWE Tag Team Forced To Split Up, Another Earns Title Shot

    Feast and famine. The women’s division has come a long way in recent years and a lot of expansion has taken place. This includes the introduction of Women’s Tag Team...

    NewsAugust 31, 2020
  • WWE Adds Kickoff Show Match To Payback, Champion Comments

    NewsAugust 30, 2020
  • VIDEO: Former Champions Make WWE Return

    Welcome back. There are a lot of people under the WWE umbrella and some of them are more successful than the others. That has been the case since wrestling began...

    NewsMay 12, 2020
  • Former Champion Promises WWE Return

    They could use the depth. In February 2019, the WWE brought back its Women’s Tag Team Titles. The titles had been around in the late 1980s to limited success but...

    NewsApril 12, 2020
  • WATCH: Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match From WrestleMania 35

    This match was Iconic! WWE has posted a new match to its YouTube channel in which they show the Fatal 4-Way Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships from...

    VideosApril 10, 2020