• Wrestling Legend Reportedly Undergoes Heart Surgery Due To Coronavirus Complications

    That’s never good to hear. Wrestlers may play larger than life characters on television but they are still humans like all of us. That means they are going to have...

    NewsJanuary 20, 2022
  • Another AEW Star Tests Positive For Coronavirus

    NewsJanuary 20, 2022
  • Another Top AEW Star Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis

    That’s never good to hear. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the world in a huge way, including the professional wrestling industry. You regularly see wrestlers confirming their positive diagnoses...

    NewsJanuary 11, 2022
  • Acknowledged: Major Update On Roman Reigns’ WWE Status

    That could have been a lot worse. We are in the middle of a horrible global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. There are only so many ways around the situation...

    NewsJanuary 6, 2022
  • Another AEW Star Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

    That’s never good to hear. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the wrestling world works and that is likely to be the case for a very long time to...

    NewsJanuary 5, 2022
  • BREAKING: Roman Reigns Has Coronavirus, Off WWE Day One

    It is always a risk. The Coronavirus pandemic has wrecked havoc on the wrestling world over the last year and a half, but things are starting to get back to...

    NewsJanuary 1, 2022
  • Several More Details On WWE’s New Coronavirus Policies

    NewsJanuary 1, 2022
  • Another Big Wrestling Star Tests Positive For Coronavirus

    Next on the list. The Coronavirus pandemic has started rocking the world all over again and this time in greater numbers. There are only so many things that can be...

    NewsJanuary 1, 2022
  • Why Kevin Owens Was The Only WWE Day One Main Eventer Around This Week

    He still means something. We are less than two days away from the first pay per view of the year WWE Day One, but the Coronavirus is making things a...

    NewsDecember 31, 2021
  • Healthy Days: More On Recent WWE Absences

    Did they get a doctor’s note? The wrestling world is currently being rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic and there is no reason to believe that it is going to be...

    NewsDecember 29, 2021