• Coronavirus May Alter Some WWE Contracts

    That’s very convincing. The Coronavirus has wrecked havoc on WWE for several months now and there is no reason to believe that is going to be changing anytime soon. Above...

    NewsJuly 8, 2020
  • Backstage Reaction To Kayla Braxton’s Coronavirus Announcement

    NewsJuly 6, 2020
  • WWE’s Coronavirus Situation Gets More Complicated

    They’ll have to figure something else out. One of the biggest problems with the Coronavirus has been the travel situation. Just inside the United States, several states are placing certain...

    NewsJuly 4, 2020
  • WWE Institutes New Policy On Face Masks

    The Mysterio Rule? Over the last few months, the Coronavirus has caused all kinds of problems around the world. Several of them have to do with trying to keep the...

    NewsJuly 3, 2020
  • New Monday Night Raw Listed With Fans Listed

    A sign of things to come for Raw? The Coronavirus has changed the way WWE can do business as there are only so many things that they can do as...

    NewsJune 30, 2020
  • Vince McMahon’s Wealth Has Grown During Coronavirus Pandemic

    McMahon is having a good time. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the wrestling world works. It is one of the biggest issues that the world has seen in...

    NewsJune 30, 2020
  • AEW’s Backup Plan For Jon Moxley At Fyter Fest

    NewsJune 29, 2020
  • RUMOR: NXT UK May Be Back Soon

    See you soon? There have been all kinds of changes made to the wrestling world due to the Coronavirus. That is the kind of thing that no one could have...

    NewsJune 28, 2020
  • WWE Unhappy With Renee Young’s Coronavirus Announcement

    The bosses aren’t happy. The Coronavirus has changed the way the wrestling world works and that is going to be the case for a long time to come. There was...

    NewsJune 28, 2020
  • RUMOR: WWE Stars Consider Skipping Tapings Over Issue

    That’s what they want. The Coronavirus has changed a lot of things in wrestling, including the way people look on a day to day basis. A good number of people...

    NewsJune 27, 2020