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  • Wrestling Legend Undergoing Surgery While Fighting Cancer

    Hopefully the surgery makes things better. Wrestlers are larger than life characters who we watch on TV every week, but there are things that take place when the cameras go...

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  • Famous Wrestler Officially Announces Retirement

    Retirement comes for everyone. Wrestling is a weird sport when you compare it to almost all of the others. There are very few mainstream athletes who make it into their...

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  • Bobby Fulton On Roman Reigns: “Get Rid Of Him Or Turn Him Heel. It’s Plain And Simple!”

    Well-known wrestler “Fantastic” Bobby Fulton was interviewed by James Walsh on Interactive Wrestling Radio where he explained why Roman Reigns should be fired from WWE. On deciding to call it...

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  • Wrestling Legend Says Roman Reigns Would Be Fired In Territory Days

    That’s not so fantastic. To say that Roman Reigns has been all over the place as a main event star is an understatement. In the long history of wrestling, there...

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  • Tommy Rogers' Family Raising Funds For Funeral Arrangements

    Tommy Rogers’ Family Raising Funds For Funeral Arrangements

    Many hardcore wrestling fans were shocked to learn June 1 Tommy Rogers, one-half of popular 80s and 90s tag team The Fantastics, died unexpectedly in Hawaii. The cause of death for...

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  • Off The Top Rope Radio: Goes LIVE at 8 p.m. ET!

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