Billy Gunn

  • How Close WWE And AEW Got To Working Together For DX Reunion Special

    They had a request. The wrestling world has changed quite a bit since AEW became a new major promotion. For the first time in decades, WWE has major competition for...

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    I wouldn’t have bet on it. One of the best things about AEW is their roster, which has a great mixture of different kinds of wrestlers. AEW has all kinds...

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  • WATCH: Turn And Return Take Place During AEW Dynamite

    The more things change. There are all kinds of talented wrestlers on the AEW roster and you never know when one of them is going to be given their big...

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  • The New Generation. AEW Announces The Signing Of A Second Generation Star With A Tag Team Likely Planned

    You have to keep the roster growing. AEW is still a brand new wrestling company despite all of its successes. They have gone from not existing to being one of...

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  • Florence Freedom Wrestling Night Live Report (Photos Included)

    On Thursday, I took in Wrestling Night at the Florence Freedom baseball game. It was a pretty simple setup: the wrestlers would throw out first pitches together, do some goofy...

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  • Billy Gunn Relieves The DX Reunion At Raw 25, Possible Hall Of Fame Induction

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  • 20 Year Anniversary of DX Today, Superstars Comment

    Today marks the 20 year anniversary of the creation of D-Generation X, as WrestlingInc have explained. On August 11 in 1997, the stable was formed. Since than, Shawn Michaels and...

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  • Billy Gunn Discusses DX Promo Featuring “The Crock,” NJPW

    Former WWE superstar Billy Gunn was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated as a part of their “Extra Mustard” series. He discussed a number of topics, but focused mostly on DX’s infamous...

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  • Billy Gunn Planning WWE Return?

    Mr. Ass was best known for his work in the Attitude Era, but Billy Gunn stayed surprisingly relevant when he returned to WWE and competed against the Shield at WrestleMania...

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