PWInsider have provided an update on when the USA Network special for the 2017 ‘Tribute to the Troops‘ is scheduled to air.

The special is scheduled to air on 14 December on the USA Network. It will be filmed on 5 December as part of the ‘Smackdown Live’ taping in San Diego, CA at the Valley View Casino Center.

Since December 2003, WWE has brought ‘Tribute to the Troops’ to the air, first in bases and now as more domestic events.

‘Tribute to the Troops’ events have in the past led to WWE being honored by the USO, the Army and Air Force Exchange Program and the G.I. Combat Film Festival, among others.

If you would like to get a gist of what you should expect from the special, we recommend you watch this incredibly inspiring video.

WWE Superstars & Divas thank the U.S. Military: Tribute to the Troops 2013

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