Uhhh… so yeah. This happened. A fan uploaded to eBay a listing for a few strands of hair belonging to “The Boss” Sasha Banks. We do really wonder what Banks has to think about this whole ordeal.

eBay is a place where the general public has the ability to shop and sell for anything they need from general household goods to special collector’s items.

The site has a weird nature for showcasing some rather bizarre items in the past. We are talking food with celebrity faces in them, pieces of skin and even wigs made of real hair. Banks is the latest ‘victim’ of this side of eBay.

The seller included the following description:

“This auction includes two stands of purple hair from WWE superstar Sasha Banks. I found these strands weaved into the connors cure tshirt I purchased on WWE auction. I pulled them out and placed in a bag. These are from the 9/18/17 Raw episode when Sasha comes out to block Alexa Bliss from leaving the match against Nia Jacks.”

While we can ignore the obvious incorrect spelling of Jax, the item does appear legitimate, with Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet explaining that the sale included a letter of authenticity. The question is though, why would someone sell such an item?

Here is the post as we found it:

While someone may have bought the item, you can view it yourself for proof here.

We have included a top ten list video below featuring the ten most weird eBay items ever placed on the website. We hope that you enjoy the hilarious and very interesting video by YouTube personality Matthew Santoro.

10 WEIRDEST Things Ever Sold on eBay!

Have you ever bought or found an item like this on eBay? Have you used the auction WWE website?

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