Today is a day of mixed emotions for fans of Dean “The Lunatic” Ambrose.

We reported earlier this morning that Jonathan Good, better known to WWE fans as Ambrose, would be departing from WWE when his contract expires in late April of this year.

To put it bluntly, Ambrose hasn’t been happy in WWE. It seems that his problems have boiled over the pot and he no longer wants to be employed by the global phenomenon.

What’s new?

Since we released the article this morning, WWE has released their own statement on Ambrose and his future with the company.

We’ve included the statement by WWE below:

Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good) will not be renewing his contract with WWE when it expires in April. 

We are grateful and appreciative of all that Dean has given to WWE and our fans. We wish him well and hope that one day Dean will return to WWE.

Is there any chance Ambrose will stay?

Ambrose has made it explicitly clear that money isn’t a driving factor in his decision to leave. In fact, Ambrose denied a new contract a few weeks ago that included a raise.

Beyond this, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion is supposedly not interested in negotiating further with Vince McMahon and his current employer. He wants out.

With that said, we are in late January. His contract reportedly runs out in late April. There is time for WWE to offer Ambrose what he seemingly wants- further creative control over his character. Ambrose wants to be booked better.

Given the relationship WWE has with both Ambrose and with his wife Renee Young, it is possible that, despite what the former Shield member has said, he could still re-sign with WWE.

Is it a work?

As it stands, anything is possible. WWE usually don’t comment on departures until they happen, though Ambrose is obviously a major name for WWE.

During Raw last night, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion started to address this contract situation before being interrupted. This was before it was ever confirmed he would be leaving.

Check it out below:

Nia Jax attacks Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

Nia Jax attacks Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

A”The Lunatic” had a backstage interview after the Jax incident and did not mention what he had in the ring.

Dean Ambrose sounds off following Nia Jax confrontation: Raw Exclusive, Jan. 28, 2019

Dean Ambrose sounds off following Nia Jax confrontation: Raw Exclusive, Jan. 28, 2019

With all of that said, it does bring up the idea that this could be a work, as the Raw Superstar did also appear to start a storyline with Triple H that could lead into WrestleMania 35.

Can we confirm if it is or isn’t for sure, though? Not at this time. The next few weeks will certainly be telling as to what WWE and “The Lunatic” will do moving forward.

Editor’s Note:

I hope they can come to a decision so he sticks around. I understand he hasn’t been booked as he’d like, but I imagine a new contract between the two would rectify this.

Do you think he should stay with WWE or head out elsewhere? Where would he go?

Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can find me on Twitter at @SOSNH1995. We also want to remind you that we have a Newsletter you can sign up to. This will allow us to send you the best news in one place via an email.


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