The latest episode of List This! has been uploaded to the official WWE YouTube channel, with the topic of this video being focused on the five youngest superstars on the main roster.

We don’t want to spoil you on which five superstars are listed, but we will say it includes three ‘Raw and two 205 Live talent. Take a guess beforehand what the five will be and be sure to let us known on our social media or in the comments below how many you correctly guessed.

WWE is a company that evolves on a weekly basis and the same superstars you see week after week will become entirely new people in time. When you watch the following video, look back on all their accomplishments so far and what they can do at such a young age for the rest of their career in the wrestling industry.

5 youngest Superstars on Raw and SmackDown LIVE: WWE List This!

How many did you correctly guess? Does this serious seem enjoyable to you?

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