WWE fans lose their minds at the return of The Great Khali

The Great Khali made his shock return to WWE back at ‘Battleground,’ causing fans to go wild. Now WWE have uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel featuring fan reactions to Khali’s return.

The video features a number of notable YouTubers who reacted to the return in an interactive style journey. We highly recommend giving this a watch and witnessing the reaction from some of the up-and-coming content creators.

On his return to the company, Khali aided fellow Indian Jinder Mahal in retaining the WWE Championship against Randy Orton in the first Punjbai Prison match in a decade.

Editor’s Note:

I am excited for Khali to be back. I wonder how long he will be back for and if he’ll compete. As I have previously mentioned, I don’t mind Khali. His Vice Grip was amazing!

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