WrestlingInc, by way of PWInsider have revealed an update in the ‘broken’ gimmick and Hardyz character legal battle, involving both WWE and GFW.

Jeff and Matt Hardy made their shock return to WWE at ‘WrestleMania 33’ earlier this year after their short contract with Ring of Honor ended up. As we’ve reported on numerous occasions, TNA Entertainment, now Global Force Wrestling has been in a battle with The Hardy Boyz for a number of issues related to the ‘broken’ gimmick. The video above is one we highly suggest as it showcases the return by the brothers to the company.

Matt & Jeff Hardy make a shocking return to WWE: WrestleMania 33 (WWE Network Exclusive)

WWE applied for trademarks relating to Matt and Jeff Hardy on June 19. These would be assigned to a trademark attorney on July 27. This would mean that they bypass the three-month wait period that is applied to most applications.

It should be noted that GFW had applications for trademarks relating to Matt and Jeff back on April 28. They were assigned to a trademark attorney on the same day as WWE assigned one to their trademark attempts, which again was on July 27.

We have previously covered each trademark GFW attempt be refused. WWE seem to be in better shape, but still have work to do. The original application they had for Matt Hardy received an initial refusal as this was seen as confusing due to Matt having the ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ application, which was filed earlier by Matt himself. All other actions are frozen until Matt’s application is finalized. This is similar to what happened with GFW’s application.

Both applications WWE made received an initial refusal due to WWE not providing consent from Matt or Jeff to have their respective names trademarked. WWE quickly responded to this and had consent from both Hardy Boyz.

The application for a trademark on the Hardy Boyz name from WWE was filed in April and is set to be published for opposition to the public at the end of this month.

If any more information does come out regarding the legal battle between Hardyz & WWE vs. GFW, Wrestling Rumors will bring it to you here as we learn of it.

Editor’s Note:

I am excited that things seem to be progressing. Hopefully they reach a conclusion sooner rather than later. That is for the best.

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