This week in celebration of 30 years of ‘SummerSlam,’ Wrestling Rumors has decided to ask our audience what their favorite moments, matches and figures are from over the years.


The focus today is specifically on top moments in ‘SummerSlam’ history. Now many of you may have different opinions for this, so be sure to let us know in our comments down below or via social media on what your personal favorite moment is.

If you participated yesterday, you’ll already know the rules and the way the poll works. If you don’t, the basis is that rather then commenting, you answer the poll so we can better see statistics of who it is that you all decided had the best moment. If we haven’t mentioned your favorite, tap on your favorite of those we mentioned and let us know what else you would have said.

If you missed it, you can also vote for best match by tapping here.

List of Moments

  • Bret Hart wins Intercontinental Championship (1991)
  • Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth’s Wedding/Reception (1991)
  • British Bulldog wins Intercontinental Championship in England (1992)
  • Shane McMahon falls forty feet (2000)
  • Shawn Michaels returns (2002)
  • Daniel Bryan reutrns (2010)
  • Ultimate Warrior squashes Honky Tonk Man (1998)

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Thank you all for voting. Full results for each of the seven categories will be posted next week.


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