The Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority tweeted out a formal apology to its people following the Greatest Royal Rumble, where WWE had shown women.

The Greatest Royal Rumble took place at the King Abdullah International Stadium. In front of a packed crowd, WWE inadvertently played the ‘Best of both worlds’ song in promotion of Backlash. This featured a number of female performers including Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Carmella.

This was a bad move on the part of WWE, due to the culture over in Saudi Arabia. Due to this, the Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority tweeted the following:

This would soon lead to Reddit user ‘compromise’ providing a translation of the apology:

“The General Sport Authority would like to apologize to the viewers and attendees of last night’s WWE event that took place in Jeddah, over the indecent scene involving women that appeared as an ad before a segment. It would like to confirm it’s total disapproval of this, in the shadow of its commitment to eliminate anything that goes against the communities values.

The authority has made sure to ban showing of any segment that involves women wrestling or any scenes related to it and stipulated that to the company (WWE). The authority also disapproved any promotional stuff with pictures or videos showing women in an indecent way and emphasized on commitment of this rule. And it’s a commitment that the authority would still commit to forever in all of its events and programs.”

WWE has yet to respond to this, and it is unknown if they’ll say anything at all. Wrestling Rumors will update you if any more information does come out on this.

Below you can find the ‘Best of both worlds’ song:

Raw and SmackDown LIVE Superstars unite to bring you "The Best of Both Worlds" on WWE Network

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