Ryback took the world by storm when he debuted in WWE after reinventing himself following the Skip Sheffield character he portrayed in NXT and in Nexus. While he had a dominant beginning, it wasn’t enough to keep him around.

According to 411Mania, Ryback spoke of his dream opponents, Cody Rhodes making him look stupid and Wade Barrett’s taste in women on the latest episode of his podcast.

Ryback first talks about seeing Barrett on Whatculture Pro Wrestling putting over Brandi Rhodes, noting that Barrett has a history for dating black women. Barrett notably dated Alicia Fox in the past, as showcased on the “Total Divas” TV show.

“I popped because I didn’t know Wade did commentary for the What Culture and I always liked to give Wade a hard time, good old Stu Bennett. He [has] been a big fan of the black girls over the years, which I guess we’re allowed to say. I just did. But his girlfriend now is black and he’s notorious for always having black girlfriends and that’s the type of woman he prefers. And I really appreciated him getting a few… putting Brandi Rhodes over more than anything in the match [between Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes] numerous times during that. Then when Brandi took the bump through the table with Cody, I seriously thought old Stu Bennett was going to get out of the announcers’ desk and help her to safety and leave Cody out there to set up for Stu Bennett’s big in-ring return.”

In his usual brash attitude, Ryback explains how Cody Rhodes offended him due to speaking in an interview about a situation involving “The Terminator” that Ryback was unclear about.

“Old Cody did an interview with somebody in which I had a few tweets over, which he did a legit interview for one of the dirtsheets, which I hate people doing interviews with dirtsheets, first of all. But whatever. And in a serious interview, he does the thing, the Terminator 2 deal, where him and Daniel Bryan, and in this, he doesn’t say anything about this being a joke, but he says that I believed that Terminator 2 was because there were two terminators. And it is f–king hilarious, absolutely. And because I didn’t know there was a Terminator 1. I thought that was Terminator 1 and it was just T2 because the good guy/bad guy terminators. They’re the reason why I quit riding with people altogether, it’s just annoyed the f–k out of me. it makes me look like a dumb f–king piece of s–t. And I was like, ‘Cody, like, I get it. It’s funny, but say it was a f–king joke!’ because you have to understand the audience you’re playing to, they don’t understand what is a joke or not and it doesn’t help my reputation at all when you tell it… but he put out a tweet correcting [it]. I don’t get hot over it, but, I’m just like, f–k, how would [he] feel if [I] did an interview about [him and said] ‘yeah, I walked in a room and saw Cody Rhodes blowing another dude,’ and that’s all I said? And the guy goes, ‘man, that’s pretty funny!’ ‘Yeah, right?’ and then, I just keep going on with the interview. ‘Yeah, Cody Rhodes is a c——–r.’ And then, that’s how that gets started. You don’t do s–t like that. That’s called being an adult, so I get f–king hot over that s–t.”

Ryback also spent time during his podcast speaking about dreams, including those he wished to face in the ring and the goals he wanted to accomplish while in WWE, such as capturing the prestigious WWE Championship.

“I always wanted to wrestle Undertaker. It was always one of my things, but Brock Lesnar is the other one, and we’ve talked about that [on the podcast] and it if happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, I don’t give a f–k anymore. It’s just not even… I’ve let go of having goals, like I told [podcast co-host Pat Buck], I had that WWE Championship as my number one goal for however many years, and I realized I can’t have goals that are determined by other people.”

Ryback’s Conversation With The Big Guy podcast airs weekly and you can find the full episode here.

Ryback's WWE Debut

Editor’s Note:

I’ve always been a fan of Ryback, but damn…he can get really heated. He is still enjoyable to listen to, so I can’t complain. I always wished he captured a larger title during his time in WWE. Sucks for him.

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