SmackDown Live Superstar Rusev looks to be teasing a break-up with partner Aiden English given what transpired last night.

During SmackDown Live, Rusev and English were seen talking backstage when Lana walked in. Wearing a Rusev Day t-shirt, she spoke without her usual accent. Rather, she spoke almost identically to how she does out-of-character.

The segment seemed to have a focus on this being the people and not the characters they play on WWE TV. Lana told Rusev that there is one thing holding him back. From here, WWE would insinuate through the rest of the scene that it was English that Lana had meant.

Why did they tease the end of Rusev Day?

We believe this to be a huge hint that the Rusev Day alliance will be ending, likely with English turning face or leaving him to deal with a potential injury he sustained at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Rusev has been surging in popularity the past few months, with the Rusev Day gimmick being a huge part of that. It is unknown at this time how Rusev will look after the two separate, but seeds do seem to be planted.

With Lana by his side, Rusev was one of the top Superstars on Raw and SmackDown alike. Perhaps this is WWE’s way of transitioning him into a much huger role, but only time will tell.

Check the segment below:

Is Rusev being held back?: SmackDown LIVE, May 1, 2018

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