While on the set of ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle,’ The Rock spoke about how WWE Legend Hulk Hogan affected him as a child.

As explained by Maxim, The Rock was always a fan of Hulk Hogan growing up in the ’80s. His dad worked alongside Hogan, meaning The Rock had the opportunity to go to a lot of wrestling events.

At a Madison Square Garden show in the early ’80s, The Rock caught Hogan’s headband from the crowd. Later that night when he visited the backstage area with his dad, Hogan approached him and asked if he could have the headband back as it was his last one.

The Rock had the following to say on what happened just a few weeks later:

“Two or three weeks later, he had thousands [of headbands] made. Went to my dad, he goes, ‘Hey, I signed this for your son. He gave me my only one back, and I needed that one, as one to make a thousand other copies. Give this back. Give this to him.’”

“And I have one of those. Isn’t that the coolest thing? So Hogan, if you’re watching, I appreciate it, brother. I still have it.”

The tweet below features The Rock talking about some of these comments:

The Rock responded to McCarthy’s tweet:

Hogan would respond to The Rock on Twitter:

Almost two decades after The Rock was gifted the headband by Hogan, the two would meet at ‘WrestleMania 18’ in an Icon vs. Icon match. We have provided a video below of their match.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson battles Hollywood Hogan

What are your thoughts on this story? Were you a fan of either of these men growing up?

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