NJPW owner Takaaki Kidani was interviewed by Tokyo Sports to discuss a number of topics relating to his promotion and its future following ‘Wrestle Kingdom 12.”

As the content of the interview was in Japanese, @STRIGGA of Purolove.com provided translations as showcased by WrestlingInc.

Kidani first explained that he wants to fill out the Tokyo Dome which has a capacity of 55, 000 within the next two years. To do this, he believes the company needs new young Japanese stars with emphasis on them needing a Heavyweight in his 20s.


Continuing, Kidani looked back to 2012 when the New Japan fan club had 1, 890 members and now the membership figures are at 12, 000. He explained that the promotion is going uphill.


With those rising numbers, Kidani explains that he and NJPW will be able to pay more money for wrestlers and wants to get more wrestlers who have competed with WWE involved in the company.

He explains that he wants to continue getting those superstars in until WWE want to involve themselves with the company. When WWE are ready to get along with them, they can work together.


Only time will tell if WWE and NJPW do form a working relationship. That said, NJPW have a relationship with ROH and WWE have relationships with a number of independent companies. A cohesive agreement between all of these companies could be extremely beneficial for the business.

Below we have included the opening movie package for ‘Wrestle Kingdom 12.’ If you didn’t watch the event, be sure to give that a watch and let us know if it made you want to watch it.


Would you like to see a working relationship between NJPW and WWE? What dream matches between NJPW and WWE superstars would you like to see?

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