New Raw Superstar Ember Moon was interviewed by CBS Sports’ In This Corner podcast, where she discussed the non-PG origin for her ‘The Eclipse’ finisher.

Getting her first standing ovation:

Moon explains what it felt like to get her first standing ovation in WWE after losing to Asuka at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

“It’s crazy, because I remember taking the loss and just like sitting there and thinking that the world was over, but then, this miraculous moment happened where the WWE Universe embraced me as one of their own. They were like, ‘Ok, we love you,’ and I got my first standing ovation in WWE and just feeling that energy, there was nothing to be mad about, there was nothing to be sad about. I gave it my all, and the only thing I really wanted to do at that point was to give the WWE Universe something in return.”

On the non-PG name origins for ‘The Eclipse’:

Moon also discussed in detail what the origin of ‘The Eclipse’ which, in turn, leads to Moon explaining that it has a non-PG origin and comes from a friend.

“So, when I first started doing The Eclipse, formerly known as the O-Face, it was a move created by one of my friends who did a not-PG gimmick or had a non-PG character. And, at that time, I did not know the meaning of said word, I’m not gonna say the meaning of said word, but, just know that it is The Eclipse now. And, it took a long time to master, I’m still working out kinks in it here and there, I would like to think that it’s almost perfected.”

“But yeah, it’s crazy how it means so much to me in like a really weird, intimate way as a performer. You know, I always pride myself on doing things that no other woman would do, and now it’s like, I’m in WWE, I’m a WWE superstar, and I do things that even men wouldn’t do. Like I said, lack of bodily care [when I do dangerous moves]. Not the best thing that I have, but you know, it’s a cool trait.”

Her other finishers:

Also of note, Moon discussed having several finishers before ‘The Eclipse,’ which included a knee stomp like Sasha Banks does, and can deadlift over 400 pounds and before coming to WWE, had more of a powerhouse moveset as opposed to the more aerial one she has in WWE now.

With H/T to Chris Featherstone of WrestlingInc for the transcription.

It was during the post-WrestleMania 34 Raw last week when Moon made her debut. You can check her pinning Alexa Bliss in a tag team match below.

Ember Moon makes her Raw debut with Nia Jax against Alexa Bliss & Mickie James: Raw, April 9, 2018

Were you aware of the origins? Did you enjoy Moon in NXT?

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