There are several reports going around the internet claiming that ‘Smackdown Live‘ Superstar Lana ripped the ‘Raw‘ exclusive WWE ‘Elimination Chamber‘ pay-per-view. Here’s what’s up.

Many fans have been quick to assume that Lana, real name CJ Perry called out WWE on the results of the ‘Elimination Chamber’ PPV being predictable as the tweet she had sent out coincided with the show.

Taking a look at the card, here are our thoughts on predictability:

  • Gallows & Anderson def. The Miztourage (Predictable)
  • Alexa Bliss def. Banks, Bayley, Deville, Rose and James (Not predictable)
  • Matt Hardy def. Bray Wyatt (Not predictable)
  • The Bar def. Titus Worldwide (Predictable)
  • Asuka def. Nia Jax (Predictable)
  • Roman Reigns def. Miz, Strowman, Rollins, Balor, Elias and Cena (Predictable)

While most matches were predictable, and you may have personally predicted every match right, the women’s Elimination Chamber match and the Wyatt/Hardy match were both matches that could’ve gone either way.

Many speculated that Banks was set to take the Raw Women’s Championship from Bliss in the Chamber, while others were unsure just which of the Superstars in the Hardy/Wyatt match would get the victory.

Based on Lana’s choice of words, we strongly believe she was referencing the mid-season return for season eight of The Walking Dead, which returned on the same night.

Here is what she tweeted:

While many could speculate that this references the Chamber, it is more likely it is The Walking Dead, as she did mention “TV series” specifically and many fans online were vocal about disliking the first episode for the return of the beloved series.

To further this idea, Lana later retweeted a fan that replied with a few TV show examples.

That said, let us know below what you believe it to be.

Take a look at the results for ‘Elimination Chamber’ on WWE Now below.

Full WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 results

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