WWE ‘Smackdown Live‘ Superstar Mike Kanellis took to his Twitter account to defend his position in WWE against several ‘internet trolls.’

Kanellis originally replied to a fan on Twitter asking where he is and if he would be a participant in the Royal Rumble match at the upcoming pay-per-view of the same name.

A user with the name ‘President Troll’ and the handle ‘@GizmodoTroll’ replied to this, claiming WWE’s iteration of the ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy character was a huge failure, but Kanellis has had a worse time in the company.

The troll continued to respond by saying the months he has been clean is nothing, Kanellis’ personal life is none of his business and to call him when he reaches four years of being sober.

Another user explained that he knows Kanellis can provide a great performance but WWE is making a mockery of how badass he is.

Yet another user would chime in and continue explaining how the ‘Smackdown’ star has been a failure in the company, citing numerous issues he has with Kanellis’ booking.

Another user explains that while Cody [Rhodes] left WWE to be happier as a wrestler, Kanellis joined the company to job and get paid doing it.

Ultimately this prompted WWE’s “Road Dogg” Brian James to respond and explain that the users will never get it and that is a luxury.

Kanellis ended the Twitter conversation by responding to James.

At six months sober, Kanellis continues to fight and do his best to get through every hardship he has faced. Below we have featured a video from WWE where he comments on the addiction, his recovery and rebirth.

Mike Kanellis on addiction, recovery and rebirth

What are your personal thoughts on the Kanellis family in WWE? Do you expect Mike, after he recovers, to be a big star within the company?

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