During a conference call with WrestlingInc, Josh Matthews spoke about Jeff Jarrett’s contract with Impact being terminated and the titles changing.

Matthews first spoke about the decision to ultimately terminate the contract Jarrett and GFW had with Impact Wrestling before ‘Bound For Glory’ which is scheduled for November 5:

“I’m not privy to when the decision was made. I was told when you guys were told, probably a little bit beforehand. I think if you look at it logically, and if you look at everything that was happening from when we made the original announcement about the time of being away for a while, I think a final decision had to be made before Bound For Glory, before were were going to get up to Ottawa. The decision was made when it was made, and now we can move forward with what we’re trying to do with Impact.”

On the titles potentially changing once again with this change:

“Yeah, I think you’ve seen that the titles have the Impact plates on them now. Whatever the case may be, but yeah, they’re gonna change.”

With H/T to WrestlingInc.

If you would like to hear more from Matthews, you can view the video below where he goes around the ring with Caleb Konley.

Caleb Konley Goes Around The Ring with Josh Mathews | #ATR October 25, 2017

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