WWE United States Champion John Cena is expected to take time off, following WWE “Hell In A Cell”.

Cena has been removed from all live events until December 30, where he is expected to compete in a live event in Toronto.

In addition, Cena is not scheduled to appear on the post-“Hell In A Cell” edition of Raw, and is not scheduled on Raw until after December 30.

This period of time Cena has off confirms that he will not be on the European tour that begins on November 4, later this year.

He was originally scheduled for the tour, but has recently been removed but it should be noted that Daniel Bryan is advertised for the European tour.

WWE now has a full schedule for November meaning that Cena will likely not be added to any shows during this time.

However, during December the WWE holds less live events meaning Cena is more than likely to possibly appear.

There has been no reason provided by the WWE or John Cena himself at all as to why he is taking time off.

It is believed Cena will return to a regular schedule in December or early next year.

Wrestlingrumors.net will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

with h/t to WrestlingInc.com.

Editor’s Note:

I wonder what is happening with Cena. There are so many possibilities going through my head but I don’t know what to think. Is he in trouble? Filming a movie? Spending time with Nikki? Resting his body? There are so many questions, but no real answers. I hope that WWE.com or John Cena confirm the reason why. I assume if they don’t, it may relate to a storyline or a film that they want to keep under wraps.


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