Jinder Mahal has never been as high as he is right now. Since capturing the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at “Backlash,” Jinder has had countless interviews, with the latest touching on his past in 3MB.

Jinder Mahal recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho, according to Give Me Sports, where one of the topics he spoke about was the 3 Man Band and who the original group was to consist of.

Mahal explains to Jericho that he ran into Heath Slater backstage, who told him he would be getting his own faction, after serving time in both The Nexus and The Corre. Slater explained that he was told Fandango (as Johnny Curtis at the time) and Dean Ambrose were to be his two partners.

“I came to TV. I can’t remember where we were. Right when I got to the building, I see Heath Slater. He’s like, ‘man, I just had a meeting with Vince [McMahon]. I’m going to get my own band!’ [Mahal asked], ‘who’s going to be in it?’ He said, ‘I don’t know, man.’ Johnny Curtis wasn’t Fandango at the time and he was coming to TV. Surprisingly enough, Dean Ambrose was coming to TV. [Slater said], ‘well, maybe Ambrose’ not knowing that [he was going to The Shield]. They had other plans for him. And I jokingly said, ‘watch, I’ll be in the band.’ Completely joking! So Drew McIntyre is my best friend. He’s like my brother, so I was hanging around Drew ringside and one of the writers called him over, Kevin Eck. Kevin Eck calls Drew over and I just stumble down the hall, ‘oh, I’m going to go to catering.’ I come in the hallway and I see Scotty, Scott Armstrong, ‘oh, Scotty, the card’s out. What do I got?’ And I think it was Heath Slater versus Brodus Clay with Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, and Rhyno.”

Mahal, according to WrestlingInc, would blame The Shield for 3MB not working out, as Vince only wanted one three-man-team on Raw. He was told 3MB would be used on Smackdown, but were instead seen on Superstars.

“The plan was a Milli Vanilli type [of lip-syncing situation]. I think even Vince was like, ‘we’re going to do that where you guys get caught lip-syncing’ or whatever like that.” Mahal continued, “at the same time, like, a week or two later, [The] Shield came and the attention was sort of shifted. I remember even at one time, we went to RAW and we weren’t booked and they were like, ‘Vince only wants one three-man group.’ They were like, ‘oh, you guys will be on SmackDown.’ We weren’t on SmackDown. We were on Superstars.”

You can listen to more about what Jinder has to say on 3MB and his time in WWE here.

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Editor’s Note;

I am so glad Dean Ambrose wasn’t relegated to 3MB. He is such a star. I love Fandango, but the most he has done is challenge for the Tag Titles with Tyler Breeze this past month at Backlash. If what they say is true and everything happens for a reason, I think now we understand what impact this ultimately had on the careers of all three 3MB members.

What do you think of the original plans for 3MB? Do you feel sorry for Jinder? Let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. Additionally, you can follow me at @SOSNH1995.


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