Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs appeared on Live Audio Wrestling where he spoke about his experiences with WWE, proving himself and what he is going to do in the future.

Jacobs first talks about his experience with the company and having the itch to go out and perform:

“I had a very spiritual experience. I had a spiritual experience and decided that being creative was where I was meant to end up, so in that level in my career, I was ready to go and work behind the scenes. That was all well and good for the first six months that I was there, but then one day I am producing a backstage Chris Jericho / Shane McMahon I believe, and we were just getting the cameras ready, and camera testing the shots; I stood in for Chris Jericho for like a second, just to see how everything would look, I stood in for him, and then Shane came in and we started doing this promo to see how it was going to look, and then we replay it on the screen; I then see how I looked on the monitor, and then I was like, oh wow, I look good on that monitor don’t I? That was like the first seed where I thought, oh man, wouldn’t it be nice?”

“There was moments like that,” he continued. “It wasn’t like an overwhelming, driving force of my 2 ½ years there, but there was certain moments where I was working on promos with guys where I would tell them to do a promo a certain way, and I would show them; I would get to the point where I would say, just let me go out there and cut a promo. There was moments like that; there were times where it was bitter sweet. There were great times there too, but I’m good now, I had my fill.”

Jacobs continues by commenting on whether his position made it any easier to connect with WWE superstars:

“The truth is that when you come to WWE it kind of doesn’t matter what you did before,” Jacobs said. “Everybody did it where they had to prove themselves all over again; a guy like AJ Styles who had a great debut on the roster had to prove himself all over again. Everybody does, so I had to start all over again, in a different capacity. Sure, I had a different rapport with guys that I worked with for years… I do believe I had it a bit different, I think there were people that were happy to see someone like me with a professional wrestling background on the writing team, but I did have to prove myself.”

Finally, he comments on what is next for him, after being asked if he has any future commitments with ROH:

“I love it. I didn’t mind the schedule, or the work. It was a seven day a week job, and it was a life and I didn’t mind it being a life. It wasn’t the schedule, but there’s a certain appreciation of having freedom. When I started my WWE job at 31, I took my earrings out because you are supposed to look nice. Before I went into work two weeks ago, I went and got my ears pierced again. Later that day I got fired. My point in saying that is I was ready to be me again.”

If you are at all interested in hearing an audio version of the comments Jacob made, feel free to give a listen to the following video:

JIMMY JACOBS on Bullet Club photo: “No mistake was made” | THIS SUNDAY on THE LAW

Did you ever watch Jacobs on the independent circuit? Did you enjoy ideas like the ‘List of Jericho’ in WWE?

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