Roman Reigns defended his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Samoa Joe at a live event…but not everything went to plan as Joe was busted open rather bad, causing the match to be cancelled.

As first reported by WrestlingInc, last night during the ‘Raw‘ live event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada the main event was Reigns defending his Championship against Joe in what was to be a pre-cursor to their match for this upcoming week on ‘Raw’ as we previously confirmed.

Joe was busted open above his eye as he continued to brawl at the ringside area with Reigns, throwing him into the barricade.

WWE personnel checked on Joe despite him telling them he could continue to compete. However, the referee called off the match seconds later, which ended the show.

Regardless of this, Reigns and Joe are still scheduled to meet on ‘Raw’ tomorrow for the WWE Intercontinental Championship match with the stipulation that if Reigns gets disqualified, he will lose both the match and the title.

If you would like to see the incident in video form, we have provided that for you below. It showcases everything explained above, through to after the bell was rung.

Samoa Joe busted open ! #WWEToronto main event stopped early.

Who walks out of ‘Raw’ as Champion? Is Joe the biggest challenge Reigns has had to face as Champion yet?

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