Actress Inanna Sarkis teamed up with WWE to reveal a hilarious video of her wrestling character on her official YouTube channel.

Sarkis performs under the persona of “Miss North,” as she makes her way to the ring for a Women’s Championship match.

In the ring she meets her foe, hitting some fantastic spots fore Matt Bloom brings her back to reality.

As Sarkis awkwardly leaves, she asks if she can come to the ‘Mae Young Classic‘ finale which is live in Vegas tonight, to which he agrees.

It is hinted here that Sarkis will have some involvement within the show, but we cannot confirm at this time what her role is, though she did know how to conduct herself in the ring.

We do highly suggest you watch this absolutely hilarious, yet stunning video as we believe it has been put together extremely well and is less than four minutes long.

Triple H and the official WWE website took note of the video collaboration. Triple H tweeted out the following in response to the video:

Take a look at the video below:

New WWE Superstar "NORTH" | Inanna Sarkis

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