There is a rumor going around, via Ringside News, that former WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day may be splitting up.

The New Day has arguably been one of the best tag teams in recent memory. We’ve reported in the past many plans involving them, stemming from their record-setting title run as WWE Tag Team Champions back on Raw.

However, if Brad Shepard of ‘Backstage In WWE’ is anything to go by, those days may be long gone. He had the following to say on The New Day:

“We’ve talked about how stale they are as an act and if merch sales are any indication plenty of fans agree. They are no longer a top seller.”

At this time, it is unknown exactly where Shepard got his statistics on The New Day from or what their validity is, but it is worth noting that the team has lost a lot of support over the past year.

WWE have yet to tease any sort of break-up with the team, but if this rumor does turn out to be true, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Wrestling Rumors will obviously keep you up to date as more information does come out on this if it turns out to be true.

Check out Xavier Woods of The New Day taking on Sheamus of The Bar on SmackDown Live last week:

Xavier Woods vs. Sheamus: SmackDown LIVE, May 1, 2018

Are you interested in a potential New Day split? Would you rather them stay together?

Editor’s Note:

I really don’t want to see New Day break up. I think WWE have had many good ideas for them over the years, and I want to see them accomplish this. Ways they could revitalize New Day, in my opinion, is to drop some of the more gimmicky shticks they have, potentially turn heel or even line them up for a main event push of some sort. I’ve always liked the idea of The New Day holding a singles Championship and swapping out who is Champion from match to match. I also think being on SmackDown Live has caused them to suffer, as they aren’t used as prominently.

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