There aren’t many people in the wrestling industry that seem to make the news as frequently as someone like Alberto El Patron, but as El Patron would say himself “you already knew that.”

Alberto El Patron posted an image to Instagram today where he lashed out against multiple people with WWE over his treatment and comments stemming from the rap battle on ‘Smackdown Live.’

Alberto El Patron Joins LAX | #IMPACTICYMI July 6th, 2017

If you haven’t been keeping up with El Patron since he left WWE as ‘Alberto Del Rio,’ he has now come to TNA, now rebranded as GFW with ‘Impact’ as the weekly show. He captured their GFW Championship and unified it at ‘Slammiversary 15‘ when he defeated TNA Champion Bobby Lashley. He is a face in the promotion and the video above is what happens on the post pay-per-view episode of GFW ‘Impact.’ It is worth noting that after the PPV, El Patron ranted on WWE and than attempted to do so at these tapings but GFW put a stop to it.

El Patron said the following via the Instagram post. Beware of the language he uses:

“Tuesday next week a bunch of p***ies will be there in San Antonio. The man with the big nose and no balls but also the pussies from the rap battle will be too.. also with no balls. Like their boss. All yes men. I’ll be waiting in my restaurant. Starting at 10pm.. I’ll be waiting for you there. 17776 Blanco Road. La Cantinita. And after I beat the sh*t out of you, I’ll buy you a drink just because I’m a good man.”

El Patron is explaining that he wants to beat up Triple H and The Usos. He has in the past gone off on Triple H and explained his thoughts on the man via a Periscope livestream. The Usos are now brought into the mix due to the comments they made to Xavier Woods about his involvement in the Paige leak scandal earlier this year. The time listed is just after ‘Smackdown Live’ will go off the air in the same town El Patron will be in.

Here is the original post:

It is unknown if WWE will respond to these comments or simply ignore them, though Wrestling Rumors will continue to keep you up to date on this as the situation develops throughout the coming days.

Editor’s Note:

There was a point when I was a huge El Patron fan. To an extent, I still am. But I can’t deny how stupid his actions have been in my eyes. I don’t know what his agenda is, but he needs to lighten up. I don’t mind him expressing his opinion, but no need to continuously talk bad about people when they’ve left him alone.

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