Eli Drake was part of a media conference call, where he explained how he feels about Chris Adonis after the wrestler left Impact Wrestling abruptly.

Drake is first asked if there have been any negotiations regarding a new contract, as his is set to expire in May:

“The only news is that there is no news. There’s no ink to any paper at this moment.”

Drake is asked to comment on Adonis leaving the company so suddenly:

It was back in January when Adonis abruptly announced to the shock of many that he would be leaving Impact Wrestling, despite only going back to the company in April last year.

This move caught Impact off-guard and to this day, it is being reported that management aren’t sure why he made the decision to leave.

As any Impact viewer will tell you, Adonis and Drake worked together extensively during their time on TV, with Adonis often acting as a manager and friend to Drake.

Drake commented that he wishes Adonis had stayed with the company, but he is sure Adonis did what was best for him. If that meant leaving Impact, then so be it.

“I wasn’t too happy about it. Everybody’s got their reasons for whatever they’re doing. It kind of hit me as a shock, as a surprise. I’ve only spoken to him here and there, honestly, since then. But for the most part, I wish he would’ve stayed, I think we had something good. At the same time, I can kind of get where he was coming from.”

With H/T to Dodric Sam of WrestlingInc for the transcription.

The companionship:

Check out the duo on Impact TV in the video below, as Drake and Adonis prepared for their Slammiversary match.

Chris Adonis & Eli Drake Continue to Prepare for Slammiversary | #IMPACTICYMI June 29th, 2017

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